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Course in

3D Printing

Amplía información 3D Printing 3D Printing
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Course in 3D Printing

The 3D Printing course provides insight into how this technology works, computer-designed processing and design, and prototyping

For a few years there has been a great growth in sales of 3D printers, thanks to its technological advances and lower prices, making it possible for anyone to have a 3D printer at home for their own use.

You will learn the characteristics of its applications, from research, job development and knowledge based on manufacturing and product prototyping,

and its implementation in the different sectors of the industry: industrial design, architecture, civil engineering, medical industry, education and geographic information systems.

The course will be fundamentally practical, based on direct workshop sessions. Student work is primarily individual and will follow a strict assembly order so that all students can complete assembly tasks at the same time.

Program objectives

The objective of this course is to provide students with the necessary knowledge to assemble their own machine, adjust, calibrate and use it for prototyping.

Course Program

Course Contents

  • Basic concepts of 3D printing technology operation
  • Parts that make up the 3D printer
    • Motors step by step
    • Machine chassis
    • Mechanical parts: bearings, linear guides, spindles, etc.
    • Extruder
    • Heated bed
    • Motherboard and its control components
    • LCD screen
  • Assembly of the complete 3D printer.
  • Mechanical adjustments necessary for good print quality.
  • Use of the Repetier Host software to work the machine.
  • Processing of .STL files using Slic3er software.
  • Concepts of profiles and printing qualities.
  • Types of materials used.