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Course on

Electronic Commerce

Amplía información Electronic Commerce Electronic Commerce
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Course on Electronic Commerce

Digital transformation is one of the great concerns for companies today, both for IBEX 35 companies and for smaller businesses. The market is constantly changing. More competition, more tools, fewer barriers.

In this course, taught by Ignacio Somalo, PhD in Applied Economics, you will learn the tools and knowledge necessary to also understand your business from a digital point of view. You will design and develop a plan for your virtual store and how to manage the commercial activity of online sales.

Get the most out of the e-Commerce world and expand your activity to the Internet, a space where borders have disappeared and distances have shortened.

The course includes content, tutoring, dynamization activities, individual and collaborative activities, forums and debates.


  • Plan, create, develop and manage an Internet business.
  • Acquire digital skills in the e-Commerce field.
  • Use electronic commerce resources and tools.

Competencias generales

  • CG1.- Apply the knowledge acquired in the context of organizations and companies, as well as especially in the field of commercial communication and the digital environment.
  • CG2.- Solve problems and make effective decisions when faced with problems and situations of a highly competitive level.
  • CG3.- Integrate the knowledge acquired and face the complexity of formulating judgments based on information that, being incomplete or limited, includes reflections on social, economic and ethical aspects.
  • CG4.- Communicate their conclusions and the knowledge and ultimate reasons that support them in a clear and effective way to both specialized and non-specialized audiences.
  • CG5.- Possess the learning skills that allow them to continue studying in a way that will have to be largely self-directed or autonomous, in order to remain up-to-date with technological challenges.
  • CG6.- Possess the learning skills that allow them to start an academic career in the area of knowledge of Communication Sciences, after having developed a professional career for a year, if that were their wish.
  • CE1.- Possess, understand and know how to apply the advanced concepts of marketing and commercialization via the Internet and new technologies, and their connection with the company's global marketing strategies.
  • CE4.- Possess, understand and correctly apply advanced knowledge about the elements involved in the purchase/sale of goods and services through the Internet and new digital technologies.