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Training Course in

Learning Analytics

Amplía información Learning Analytics Learning Analytics
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Training Course in Learning Analytics

Turn Big Data into Big Education

Experts say that Big Data will change our world, if it has not already done so. All sectors will be able to benefit from massive data analysis and its practical application in all daily functions. Teaching will be no less. If you want to get the most out of your classes, Learning Analytics is your course.

You will learn new tools to apply in your daily life. You will be able to quantify, visualize and analyze data from your classes in order to get to know your students better and personalize the learning process. Turn Big Data into Big Education, and make metrics play in your favor as an online teacher.

Program Information

Aimed at:

  • Education professionals (teachers, pedagogues, educational psychologist, facilitators, content designers, etc.)
  • Students (Education, Teaching staff, Bilingual Education, Spanish Teaching)
  • Professional managers of company training (corporate eLearning and/or corporate universities)

Training area:

  • Technological learning environments
  • Educational technologies
  • Online teaching
  • Big Data
  • Data collection, measurement and analysis models

Includes: Course contents, tutoring, facilitation, formative evaluations, forums and debates.


  • Use data analysis to learn in depth about the teaching-learning processes
  • Understand the concept and application of Big Data
  • Optimize online teaching through learning analytics
  • Know the methods of analysis and their application
  • Predict, advise and personalize student learning
  • Learn about education through the quantification and analysis of its different dimensions


Based on a very practical pedagogy (learning by doing), this program is taught online and has a duration of 150 hours distributed over six weeks.

The students will learn to understand and apply the analysis of data in their teaching performance: data management and synthesis, application of analytical methods, predictions of future student performance, personalization of the students' learning process, behavior pattern analysis, interactions and student contributions, etc.

Active and participatory student learning is encouraged through forums, tutorials (individual and group), formative assessments (self-assessments and activities) and projects. The student will always have qualitative and quantitative feedback from the professor.


COURSE Character No. ECTS
Learning Analytics: Big Data, Big Education Compulsory 2
Big Data technology Compulsory 1
Big Data on digital learning platforms: from LMS to MOOCs Compulsory 1
Uses and trends in Learning Analytics Compulsory 1
Ethics and privacy in the use of learning data Compulsory 1
Total credits 6


Marçal Mora

Marçal Mora Marçal Mora Cantallops is a Senior Industrial and Computer Engineer, PhD in Communication, Information and Technology in the Network Society (from University of Alcalá), and has a Master's Degree in Business Intelligence and Data Science from the same university. His research work focuses on the player's experience in multiplayer online games and the social networks that form around him. He is also interested in community projects around video games, their preservation and history, mainly in those led by fans.