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Social Media and Community Manager

Social Media and Community Manager
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Course in Social Media and Community Manager

The social media professional has become one of the most demanded professional profiles today. The need for companies to be in conversation with their customers, whatever the channel, and to differentiate themselves from the rest has led to the need for social media experts who know the tools and are creative.

In this course, taught by Professor Antonio García, you will learn to manage social network profiles and choose the best content and formats to promote user participation. In addition, you will learn about the most used tools and techniques to attract followers and create communities.

Do not miss this opportunity for the future. Add one more skill to your professional profile and get ready to be a social media expert.


  • Learn to professionally manage and administer social media profiles.
  • Content and format management to promote user participation.
  • Acquire digital skills in social media.
  • Use resources, techniques and tools of social networks.


General competences

  • Master the oral and written language in Spanish, as a necessary strength of a professional communicator.
  • Integrate knowledge to be able to express judgments based on a limitation of information, including reflections on social, business, economic and ethical aspects that interact with web journalism.
  • Communicate conclusions after carrying out an analysis and the arguments that support them, in a clear and effective way, to audiences specialized in digital communication as well as those that are not specialized.
  • Use ingenuity and develop creativity, especially in communicative processes that require a high degree of competitiveness and professionalism for its resolution.
  • Advanced management of new communication technologies, indispensable domain in web journalism.
  • Demonstrate social sensitivity in the development of their professional work in compliance with current regulations at both the Spanish and European levels, with codes of good practice, self-control criteria, gender equality, the special needs of disabled people, protection of children and, in general, with the principles contained in the Spanish Constitution and to the values of the Culture of Peace.

Specific competences

  • Create, identify and manage the contents and formats of social networks and virtual communities, based on the company's online reputation and digital identity.
  • Organize the contents of social media, ranking the information and presenting it in an attractive way for the audience, interrelating content, formats and networks.