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Teach pronunciation and intonation in SFL

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Teach pronunciation and intonation in SFL

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Director:Margarita Planelles Almeida

Professor:Aarón Pérez Bernabeu

Opening Available:40

Dates:From 11th may to 12th junio.

Bibliography: Before taking the course, we recommend consulting:
¿Fonética o fonología en la clase de ELE? (Phonetics or phonology in the SFL class?) DÍEZ PLAZA, C. L. (2011)

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The didactic foundations for teaching and correcting pronunciation in SFL

This course starts, on the one hand, from the importance of pronunciation exercises in the communicative competence of the learners and, on the other hand, from the complexity that its teaching and correction usually entail for SFL teachers.

The course proposes that the participants acquire the teaching competences required to develop and correct the pronunciation and intonation of their SFL students and prepare a didactic proposal based on the phonic needs of their students.

Aimed at:
  • University graduates
  • Last year undergraduate students who wish to specialize in teaching Spanish as a foreign language
  • University graduates in Philology who wish to specialize in teaching Spanish as a foreign language
  • Teachers of Spanish as a second and foreign language
  • Teachers of other foreign languages
  • Volunteers from non-governmental organizations
  • Identify the factors that favor or hinder the acquisition of the phonic component by students of Spanish as a foreign language.
  • Apply effective pronunciation correction techniques in both the short and long term.
  • Adapt or create activities focused on the phonic component from the analysis of others that have already been published.

The course will begin with a previous reading, as well as the experiences and level of knowledge of the attendees, and will go through questions such as: why? when? what? how? which will be answered through concepts and content that will emerge from the real needs and proposed readings. Carrying out activities will constitute the necessary structure to create a final action: a proposal or instructional model for the pronunciation of Spanish as a foreign language. These activities will consist of analysis of phonetic needs, materials and practical cases. Therefore, attendees will be able to apply the reflections drawn from the course to the needs of their students, giving them tools and strategies so that they can develop effective pronunciation and correction techniques autonomously.

Key Competences

This course in Teaching to pronounce and intone in SFL is oriented to the development of these key competences of teachers:

  • Organize learning situations
  • Involve students in the control of their own learning
  • Manage feelings and emotions in the performance of their work
  • Prepare a teaching proposal for improvement to promote oral expression strategies focused on pronunciation for students of Spanish as a foreign language.
Accreditation and Validation of Credits

Students who have participated in this course will receive a certification of achievement issued by the Cervantes Institute and Nebrija University. To do this, students must actively participate in communication activities and pass assessment tasks.


A continuous evaluation will be carried out throughout the course, and special attention will be paid to monitoring the objectives achieved in the different modules. At the end of each module, a practical case will be presented, in which options will be discussed in groups, and the concepts acquired in that module will be put into practice.

At the end of the course, the proposal to improve teaching instruction in pronunciation will have to be submitted individually.

The following will be taken into account:

  • Reflection provided in forums and/or other social platforms on theoretical and practical aspects.
  • The implementation of theoretical concepts at the end of each module (guided activities).
  • The design of the improvement proposal for the teaching and correction of the pronunciation in SFL.

Course program

Module I

  • Didactic foundations for teaching and correcting pronunciation in SFL.
  • Approach to the description and classification of segments and suprasegments in Spanish.
  • Factors of acquiring the pronunciation of a second language.
  • Teaching plan and pronunciation correction.
  • Analysis of teaching materials for teaching and correcting pronunciation.
Module II

  • Creation and adaptation of pronunciation and prosody materials for SFL.
  • Guidelines for creating or adapting materials to work on the suprasegmental elements I: intonation.
  • Guidelines for creating or adapting materials to work on the suprasegmental elements II: accent and rhythm.
  • Guidelines for creating or adapting materials to work on the segmental elements: sounds.

Professors' CV

Aarón Pérez Bernabeu Aarón Pérez Bernabeu aperezbe@nebrija.es Licenciado en Filología Hispánica con Mención en ELE (Universitat d'Alacant), posee también un Máster en Fonética y Fonología (CSIC-UIMP) y un Máster en Enseñanza de ELE (UIMP-Instituto Cervantes). Ha trabajado como profesor de ELE en varias escuelas de idiomas de Madrid y Barcelona. También es formador de profesores en diferentes instituciones a la par que investigador en el ámbito lingüístico (doctorando en la Universitat d’Alacant). Actualmente es coordinador de los programas de formación en línea de Edinumen y profesor de pronunciación para profesores en el Máster de Didáctica del Español como Lengua Extranjera de la Universidad Nebrija.