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Web Measurement and Analytics

Web Measurement and Analytics
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Course in Web Measurement and Analytics

Web analytics is essential in any digital marketing strategy, responding to the need to know how to measure data in all the actions taken by a company or institution, to know the effectiveness of the effort and money invested.

It is no use for the company to invest a large amount of resources to carry out its marketing strategy, if afterwards it does not know everything that is happening in real time with its audience. Therefore, this online course teaches the tools to obtain relevant information through the analysis on the website.


Some of the objectives of this program are to know the main concepts about measuring online marketing results, and to understand the metrics and tools of web analytics, by knowing how to interpret the results offered by these tools.

General competences

  • Integrate the knowledge acquired and face the complexity of expressing judgments, based on a limitation of information, where reflections on social, business and/or economic aspects can be included.
  • Communicate conclusions after the carrying out the analysis, and argue the reasons that support them, in a clear and effective way, both to publics specialized in communication and those that are not specialized.
  • Work in teams effectively in the context of advertising communication.
  • Know the main variables for measuring results in the online environment and effectively use the tools available in the environment.


Unit 1. Introduction to web analytics. KPIs and metrics for data interpretation.
  • Introduction to web analytics and basic concepts
    • The internet medium and its evolution
    • Definition and web analytics as a discipline
  • Objectives and KPIs
    • Introductory concepts: the consumer's path
    • Objectives and KPIs
  • Metrics
    • Main metrics
    • Advanced metrics
Unit 2. Attribution models in online advertising and measurement plan
  • Attribution models in online advertising
    • Main attribution models
    • Conclusions
  • Measurement plan
    • How to build a measurement plan
    • Data interpretation models
  • Advanced analysis tools and methodologies
    • A/B testing
    • Heat maps
Unit 3. Advanced web analytics and new trends. Big data and viewability
  • Big data
    • Big data and data types
    • Data management tools (DMP)
  • Viewability and visibility
    • Viewability vs. Visibility
    • Main measurement tools
Unit 4. Most common analytical tools. Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Web analytics tools
    • Main web analytics tools
    • Measurement methodology
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
    • Google analytics
    • Setting up a Google Analytics account
    • Tracking marketing actions with Google Analytics
    • Google Analytics Reporting
    • Conclusions