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Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication and Corporate Reputation MARCO

Con la colaboración de la Agencia líder en Comunicación - MARCO
Master’s Degree in Reputación y Comunicación Estratégica Master’s Degree in Reputación y Comunicación Estratégica

Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication and Corporate Reputation


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Summary table

Student profile: Professionals specialized in the management of corporate communication and reputation, focused on developing professionally both in companies and institutions, as well as in communication and public relations agencies.
The Master's degree prepares its students to plan and develop communication strategies that include both the classic tactics of public relations and digital trends as well as new formats; it also specializes them in the main areas of corporate communication: communication of organizations and people, brand creation, reputation and digital communication, among others.

Official Degree:Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication and Corporate Reputation

Center responsible: Communication and Arts School – Comunication Area

Branch of knowledge:

Openings available: 25

Total Credits: 60 ECTS

Academic year it was implemented: 2021 - 2022

Duration: 1 year.

Type of Education: Blended

Academic Regulations: General student’s regulations. Credit transfer and recognition. Regulation of student participation.

University Services: [+info]

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Comprehensive knowledge of the field of new technologies

The Master's degree, which has partnered with the prestigious communication and marketing agency MARCO, has a teaching staff of marketing and communication professionals specialized in technological trends applied to the sector. The professors of the program stand out being generators of the change from a traditional communication into another based on new ICTs, social networks and Big Data Analytics and AI, and are the direct contact of students with technology companies.

This exclusive program develops the tools for any company and institutions to be able to stand out and reach customers solidly, through powerful strategic communication that allows a company to be recognized as a leader in its sector, a benchmark in innovation and contributing to a sustainable environment, beyond the usual saturation of messages regarding their brand or products.

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The need to anchor Data Communication to the customer experience, the brand and the emotions is what marks the dividing line between a good or bad experience, and therefore the increase in the reputation and positioning of a brand.

The effectiveness of corporate communication can take a qualitative leap using a holistic approach, that of emotions, that manages to integrate, as a set, all the conditioning factors associated with the transformation of companies, consumer habits towards digital elements, the impact of technology in decisions and the immediacy of two-way information.

In this Master's degree, the students learn the fundamentals of how to create procedures and decision structures based on data analysis, active listening, the idea as a differentiating creative element, creating relationships of trust, so that a communication department is able to produce messages that influence on clients, focusing their interests and sensitivities.

The New Frontiers of Communication, a vision patented as TFCOM® (Transcending Communication Frontiers), by MARCO as the only communication consulting agency in the world to have a docuseries on Amazon Prime Video, makes us understand the sector's new paradigm and how it not only affects communication, but also its education. The Internet and COVID-19 have revolutionized the way of informing, transmitting and seducing clients, employees, stakeholders and tourists. What are these frontiers?

  • Language vs geographic borders.
  • Emotion vs reason.
  • Dircom vs marcom.
  • Agencies vs media.
  • COVID-19, the last frontier.

From storytelling to storydoing. You cannot have effective communication if you are not able to influence decisions. This postgraduate degree is committed to new strategies and tools for digital content marketing, showing trends in both storytelling and storydoing. While telling stories serves to excite and appeal to the reader, connecting with him, storydoing creates a real and tangible experience, with a high impact on sales, brand reputation and visibility on social networks.

The Curriculum promotes knowledge of Big Data Analytics and AI to define and personalize communication and reputation management. Today, companies and institutions are creating new opportunities, leading an ecosystem where virtual robots, voice assistants and robotic process automation (RPA) will serve, in collaboration with humans, to streamline communications and business operations, identifying their target and the personalization and optimization of messages.

Likewise, the Curriculum anchors brand communications to data through creative branding, instrumental technologies applied to communication, the importance of Customer Experience or inbound marketing and recruitment marketing.

The micronarrative in Customer Experience. Satisfied customers drive growth. They make transactions more frequently, spend more, cost less, and recommend your organization to others. In contrast, dissatisfied customers spend less, cost more, and actively discourage others from approaching your company. Truly understanding your customer and empowering your teams with specific information in each phase of the customer experience process allows you to take the necessary measures to satisfy customers, retain them and focus on the important things to help organizations to increase the conversion and loyalty of your customers.

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Achieve a strategic vision

With professionals from the best companies in the sector

The program includes master lectures taught by professionals from top-level companies and institutions, which contribute to give value to the contents of the program, offering a first-hand view of the sector and its technological changes.

Lead communication strategies

Promoting cutting-edge skills to develop communication and marketing plans, as well as contingency plans, problem management, CSR and reputation, from start to finish. Help today's businesses truly connect with their customers and partners.

Professional internships

MARCO, as a partner of the Master's degree, launches an internship program in which all students obtain real experience within the profession. The internships will take place in one of the various MARCO divisions: Brand, Reputation, Global, Digital. The student will support the teams in various projects and campaigns of large accounts of national and/or international recognition, which will allow them to gain knowledge, experience and a strategic vision.


The student must take 60 credits

First Semester 30 ECTS

  • From October to January, both included
  • 2 ECTS | Communication method
  • 4 ECTS | Social Media Management
  • 2 ECTS | From storytelling to video storytelling
  • 2 ECTS | Spokesperson management-media coaching
  • 4 ECTS | Brand communication, brand building and identity
  • 4 ECTS | Creation of audiovisual content: video new pieces in the digital age
  • 2 ECTS | Internal communication
  • 2 ECTS | Viral stories: engagement and word of mouth
  • 4 ECTS | Concept, creation and measurement of corporate reputation
  • 2 ECTS | Organization of events and protocol
  • 2 ECTS | Talent, leadership and team management

Second Semester 30 ECTS

  • From January to June, both included
  • 2 ECTS | | Communication and crisis management
  • 2 ECTS | Online Marketing & Search Engine Optimization: SEO and SEM
  • 4 ECTS | Marketing with influencers
  • 4 ECTS | Doing Business & Doing Tourism
  • 4 ECTS | 360º multi-market communication plan
  • 8 ECTS | TMaster's degree final project
  • 6 ECTS | Professional internship

Master lectures

  • Some master lectures may be taught in English.
  • New frontiers of communication – Didier Lagae (MARCO CEO and founder)
  • Big Data and analytics in Communication – Miguel Iza (Data & Analytics Partner at PwC)
  • How does a communication agency work in the 21st century? - Noelia Cruzado (MARCO General Director)

More Academic Information


Career Opportunities

The teaching staff of the School of Communication and Arts and MARCO, as a partner of the program, is made up of professionals from each field of specialization, who develop a teaching method based on the conviction that what we learn, we learn by doing.

Integration with the profession is based on the incorporation of MARCO professionals as associate professors in the subjects, in a teaching methodology inspired by the "learning by doing" proposal that affects the experiential aspect in the classrooms and in academic extension activities.

The Master's Degree in Strategic Communication and Corporate Reputation - MARCO has a close relationship with its partner, which extends to all areas, from the teaching staff to the internship program, training professionals whose future work will be that of:

  • Brand manager
  • Content manager
  • Head of Reputation
  • Consumer behavior analyst
  • Expert in market research and techniques
  • Head of internal and external communication
  • Event planner
  • Director of communication
  • Consultant in brand communication
  • Director of accounts in communication agencies
  • On and offline media planner or head of the strategic planning of brand communication in advertising agencies
  • Entrepreneur


Nebrija University has signed collaboration agreements on training and employment internships with over 3,500 companies and institutions, to promote the practical education of all its students and their approach to the professional environment.

The Master's Degree in Strategic Communication and Corporate Reputation - MARCO has as the main company for professional internships a global communication and public relations consulting firm, MARCO, which has 12 offices on 4 continents and a human team of more than 150 consultants, from 18 nationalities.

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