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Scholarship Agreements with EntitiesIPFE Scholarships – Peruvian Institute of Educational Development

Nebrija University, with the aim of promoting professional development in Peru, signed a collaboration agreement with IPFE (Peruvian Institute of Educational Development), which makes a scholarship program available to Peruvian students in order to take official master's degrees at a distance, with an official Spanish degree.

This new agreement includes 20 scholarships of up to 40% discount on the monthly payments of the following degrees:

  • Master's Degree in Digital Marketing and Advertising
  • Master's Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language
  • Master's Degree in Cybercrime
  • MBA + Nebrija's Own Expert Degree in Technology Management
  • MBA + Nebrija's Own Expert Degree in Business Creation
  • Master's Degree in Project Management and Organization
  • Master's Degree in Leadership and Human Resources Management
  • Master's Degree in Security and Defense
  • Master's Degree in International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights and Operational Law
  • Master's Degree in International Relations
  • Master's Degree in Conflict Risk Management
  • MBA + Nebrija's Own Expert Degree in Tourism Business Management

Scholarships must be requested through IPFE and all information can be consulted here.

Request Information of Scholarships

Request Information of Scholarships

For more information, send application and documents to:

Scholarships and study grants section

For new students accessing the University: [email protected]

For international students: [email protected]

Telephone:  900 321 322

For upperclassmen/women: [email protected]

Telephone:  91 452 11 22

Campus de la Berzosa, s/n
28240 Hoyo de Manzanares Madrid.

Scholarship duration:

Scholarships are granted only for one academic year and must be requested again if you want to renew them.