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San Rafael-Nebrija Health Sciences Center

"We bet on personalized attention, small groups and clinical practices in first level public and private centers"
Carlos Calleja de Fruto Director
Centro San Rafael-Nebrija Ciencias de la Salud

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Recognized prestige in the quality of our students

The University Center of Health Sciences San Rafael-Nebrija is attached to Nebrija University and managed by the San Juan de Dios Foundation, created by the Hospitaller Order of San Juan de Dios for the training and promotion of scientific and assistance research in the areas of bio-medicine and social sciences.

It is located in a central and well-connected area of Madrid, within the San Rafael Hospital, an institution with extensive experience teaching Nursing and Physiotherapy degrees, and with recognized prestige in the quality of its students, both for the technical training received and for the integration of humanistic education, which prepares them to offer comprehensive care.

Practical training with professionals with extensive experience

Currently, the San Rafael-Nebrija Center offers Undergraduate degrees in Nursing and in Physiotherapy. The students have at their disposal an excellent staff of professionals with extensive experience in teaching and in the development of health work, which will contribute to the materialization of their vocation to provide health services to people.

In the Health Sciences degrees taught, practical training has a great importance, and in order to carry this out there are agreements with health centers in all areas, where the student will complete the acquisition of the skills that will make him/her a competent professional.

Gema Escobar Aguilar Gema Escobar Aguilar Director of the San Rafael-Nebrija Health Sciences Center


Gema Escobar Aguilar

Gema Escobar Aguilar Director

PhD in Health Sciences from the University of Alicante. Official Master's Degree in Nursing Sciences from the University of Alicante and Associate's Degree in Nursing from the Autonomous University of Madrid.
She has taught statistics and research methodology since 2004 in different universities, starting in 2016 as a professor at the San Rafael-Nebrija Center, where she teaches the subject of Applied Statistics and Information Technology, and has been Coordinator of the Final Research Project in Nursing. She has also worked as a scientific advisor at the San Juan de Dios Foundation.
Her previous experience took place mostly in the Health Care Research Unit (Carlos III Health Institute), where she was responsible for the management of the Spanish Collaborating Center of the Joanna Briggs Institute for Evidence-Based Health Care.

Begoña Cuenca Mª Begoña Cuenca de Prada Head of Nursing Studies Associate's and Undergraduate Degrees in Nursing. Master's degree in Management and Education in Nursing. Since 1997, she has been a professor in the subject of Fundamentals of Nursing. She has extensive care and teaching experience in the Associate's and Undergraduate Degree in Nursing. Since 2004, she has held a position of Management as Head of Studies of the Associate's and Undergraduate Degrees in Nursing. She has participated in several National and International Conferences. Pedro Chana Pedro Chana Valero Head of Physiotherapy Studies PhD in Physiotherapy from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM); Undergraduate Degree of Physiotherapy; Master's degree in Research and Care, with postgraduate training in Sports Physiotherapy, Neurological Physiotherapy and advanced manual physiotherapy in the management of musculoskeletal pain. He has 10 years of clinical experience as a physiotherapist in sports and functional rehabilitation centers. He also has experience as a teaching collaborator in the theoretical-practical training of the associate's and undergraduate degrees in physiotherapy of the School of Nursing, Physiotherapy and Podiatry of the UCM, in addition to teaching postgraduate training seminars since 2008. He is a professor of the physiotherapy degree since 2013. He has been taking part in the interdisciplinary diabetic foot research group of the UCM since 2010, where he performs clinical research tasks, participates in conferences, and publishes research articles at the national and international level. Carlos Martín Carlos Martín Saborido Coordinator of the Postgraduate and Research Department My area of research is the evaluation of health technology (ETeS) and the synthesis of evidence. I have been working as an associate researcher at the Spanish Agency for the Evaluation of Health Technology, mainly doing ETeS reports (including systematic review and economic evaluation) and at the Health Technology Assessment Unit in Madrid (Agencia Laín Entralgo) as associate researcher in health economics. Internationally, I have been working at the Liverpool Review and Implementation Group (University of Liverpool) in the United Kingdom, evaluating healthcare technology on behalf of the National Institute of Health and Excellence in Care (NICE) and making HTA reports for the NIHR Health Technology Assessment program between 2009 and 2011. In 2013 I obtained a position as Scientific Officer in the Joint Research Center (European Commission) developing economic evaluations in the framework of public health.
During this time, my research focused on the evaluation of health technology in two areas: economic evaluation and synthesis of evidence.
In the academic field, I have taught Statistics, Research Methods and Economic Evaluation of Health Technology since 2007 in several Universities and research centers (Carlos III Health Institute), advising and guiding several doctoral and master's degree thesis, together with final degree dissertations.
For the last three years I served as Director of the Health Technology Assessment Unit (School of Health Sciences) of the Francisco de Vitoria University, conducting Economic Evaluations for Scientific Societies, government institutions and private institutions, as well as carrying out systematic reviews. Within my functions, I have taught modeling classes, methods of systematic review and meta-analysis of the network, as well as Final Research Project tutorials.
Currently, I have three research areas:
1. Development of methods to evaluate health technologies that do not use a threshold based on cost-effectiveness as in the United Kingdom.
2. Formulation of a mixed methodology (quantitative/qualitative) that incorporates the opinions of all interested parties in the decision making of public health policies: Multi-criteria decision analysis.
3. Improvement of the synthesis of knowledge through the use of appropriate tools for the systematic review of literature and meta-analysis (direct, indirect and mixed comparisons).
Félix Zaragoza Félix Zaragoza Cuesta Director of the Master's Degree in General Health Psychology Doctor in Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid. Master's degree in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy. Undergraduate degree in Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid.
He has 12 years of experience in the field of clinical psychology and health. He has worked in Sanitas Medical Centers and is a professional associate of the Active Psychology and Training Center. His area of specialization focuses on sexual and couple therapy. He is also specialized in assisted therapy with animals as a work tool in psychology.
He has organized several seminars and courses on psychology and ethology. He has also been invited as a lecturer in various events organized by different universities and government entities. He has coordinated and directed several research projects on animal behavior and psychology. He has presented papers at national and international conferences, and has published in international journals different works on animal behavior.
He has been a professor since 2000 in different Spanish universities, teaching subjects related to psychology applied to the field of health. He is currently a professor and director of the Master's Degree in Sanitary Psychology at the San Rafael-Nebrija University Center.
Diego Ruiz Diego Ruiz López Director of the Master's Degree in Advanced Chronic Disease and Palliative Care Doctor of Medicine (Department of Medicine, U.A.M.). Undergraduate degree in Medicine and Specialist in Family and Community Medicine. Certificate of Advanced Studies (U.A.M.). Master's degree in Palliative Care and Support for Cancer Patients (U.A.M.). Doctor in the UCP Unit of the San José Institute Foundation of Madrid (OHSJD) between 2007 and 2009 and, since 2009, doctor and reference of the ESAPD C.S. Legazpi of the Northwest Care Directorate of Palliative Care of SERMAS (Madrid Health Service). Collaborator of the Teaching Unit of the Northwest Care Directorate and Palliative Care Center of the Community of Madrid and Tutoring Professor of the subject "Introduction to Primary Care and Family Medicine" of the School of Medicine, Francisco de Vitoria University (Madrid). He has over 30 publications in national and international conferences such as poster and oral communications, in the field of Palliative Care and Primary Care. He has 20 publications in scientific journals on Palliative Care and Primary Care. He is a member of working groups and expert committees in relation to pain and Palliative Care of the Madrid Health Service and the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality. Miguel Mendoza Miguel Mendoza Puente Director of the Master's Degree in Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy based on Clinical Reasoning Doctor from the School of Nursing, Physiotherapy and Podiatry of the University of Seville. Associate's degree in Physiotherapy from the Pontifical University of Comillas.
Postgraduate degree in Osteopathic Manual Therapy and in possession of the International D.O. (Diploma in Osteopathy)
He has 15 years of clinical experience in private practice and sports physiotherapy. Postgraduate teaching experience in the School of Osteopathy of Madrid since 2006 and professor of the Undergraduate Degree of Physiotherapy in San Rafael-Nebrija since 2011.
Eva Martín Eva Martín Olivera Director of the Master's degree in Pediatric Dentistry (University's Own Degree). Undergraduate Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Madrid.
Specialist in Stomatology and Oral Surgery from the Complutense University of Madrid.
Postgraduate degree in Pediatric Dentistry of the San Rafael Hospital in Madrid.
Laura Aneiros Laura Aneiros Fernández Director of the Master's degree in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (University's Own Degree). Director of the Master's degree in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (University's Own Degree). Ivan Nieto Ivan Nieto Sánchez Director of the Master's degree in Advanced Orthodontics (University's Own Degree). Undergraduate Degree in Dentistry from the Complutense University of Madrid. Master’s degree in Orthodontics from the San Rafael Hospital. Associate's degree in Orthognathic Surgery from the University of Lyon 1-Saint Étienne. Associate's degree in Lingual Orthodontics from the Lyon University 1.


Organizational chart of the San Rafael-Nebrija University Center

Services and Facilities

Located within the premises of the San Rafael Hospital, in the center of Madrid, it continues the teaching work in the fields of Nursing and Physiotherapy that has been carried out in this hospital for over 50 years, with recognized prestige of its students by the quality of the training received, in both the technical and human spheres, which prepares them to offer comprehensive care in the health and socio-health fields.

Its privileged location in the area of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, very close to the Nuevos Ministerios station, makes it very well connected by metro, bus and train.

The building that houses the Center is newly built (2011) and has infrastructures adapted to the training needs of students and the teaching needs of professors.


The faculty of the San Rafael Nebrija Center consists of full-time professors and part-time professors.

Full-time professors, of which a large number are doctors, are professors with a strong dedication to teaching and research. Part-time professors have a more professional profile, they are currently linked to the development of their profession in Health Centers, both public and private. There is also a group of collaborating professors in the different Hospitals where the students carry out their Tutored Internships.

The San Rafael Nebrija Center is characterized because its programs have an eminently practical and connected approach to professional reality, so it is important that its professors have a rich professional experience and know how to transmit and make the most of it in the classroom.


Research Groups

The School devotes part of its effort to research tasks, as a fundamental complement to teaching. These tasks are structured around the existing Research Groups, which are part of the official register of the University, and which materialize in research projects with companies and public institutions of the sector.

Consult here the lines of activity and research groups


The School’s professors usually publish publications related to their research as an essential part of their activity at the University.

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