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School of Social Sciences

"We offer a solid and innovative academic education. We promote the development of your skills and we accompany you so that, with your effort and tenacity, you obtain the result of maximum employability and growth of your entrepreneurial spirit"
Ester Mocholí - Dean
Facultad de Ciencias Sociales

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Spirit of entrepreneurship, employability and internationality

The School of Social Sciences is characterized by the commitment of the professors with their students. We work so that they become versatile professionals, who help society to develop and prosper.

We put all our efforts into equipping our students with the competencies and abilities that facilitate their arrival into the labor market, and in the creation of their own employability.

Wide range of degrees

We offer undergraduate degrees in the fields of economics and international business, business creation, international relations, law, psychology, security and tourism. Many of the subjects can be taken in Spanish or English.

Our School proposes different alternatives and modalities of study, and offers the opportunity to combine education through double degree programs, for those students who want a higher level of knowledge in their undergraduate degree.

The educational offer in Social Sciences is completed with a wide range of postgraduate studies in our Nebrija Business School, with 100% of official programs, which give access to the doctorate degree.

Research for generating and making available knowledge and science

Ester Mocholí Ester Mocholí Dean of Social Sciences School At the School of Social Sciences of Nebrija University, te ofrecemos una formación académica sólida e innovadora. Potenciamos el desarrollo de tus competencias y te acompañamos para que con tu esfuerzo y tenacidad, obtengas como resultado la máxima empleabilidad y crecimiento de tu espíritu emprendedor.


Ester Mª Mocholí Ferrándiz

Ester Mª Mocholí Ferrándiz

Decana Dean

Departamento de Economía y Empresa Economy and Business Department
Txema López

Txema López Pina

Director del departamento de Economía y Empresa
Director del Grado en Economía y Negocios Internacionales
Director del Máster en Internacionalización de Empresas
Director of the Economy and Business Department
Director of the Bachelor's Degree in Economics and International Business
Director of Master in Business Internationalization
Andrés Arenas Falótico

Andrés Arenas Falótico

Director del MBA Director of MBA
Departamento de Derecho Law Department
Esther Mocholi

Esther Mocholi Ferrándiz

Directora del departamento de Derecho Acting Director of the department
Nicolás Marchal González

Nicolás Marchal González

Coordinador del departamento de Derecho
Director del Máster en Análisis de Inteligencia y Ciberinteligencia
Coordinator of the Law department
Director of the Master in Intelligence Analysis and Cyberintelligence
Ana Quintana

Ana Quintana Jiménez

Directora del Grado en Derecho (modalidad presencial) Director of the Degree in Law (classroom attendance modality)
Geraldine Bethencourt

Geraldine Bethencourt

Directora del Grado en Derecho (modalidad a distancia) Director of the Degree in Law (online modality)
Monica Pucci Rey

Monica Pucci Rey

Coordinadora del Grado en Seguridad Coordinator of the Degree in Security
Andreea Marica

Andreea Marica

Directora del Máster en Seguridad y Defensa Director of the Master’s Degree in Security and Defense
Paola Rodas Paredes

Paola Rodas Paredes

Directora del Máster en Acceso a la Abogacía (modalidad presencial)
Directora del Máster en Derecho de los Negocios Internacionales
Director of the Master’s Degree in in Access to the Law (classroom attendance modality)
Director of the Master's Degree in International Business Law
Antonio López

Jordi Regí Rodríguez

Director del Máster en Acceso a la Abogacía (modalidad a distancia)
Coordinador del Máster en Ciberdelincuencia
Director of the Master's Degree in Access to the Legal Profession (online)
Coordinator ot the Master's Degree in Cybercrime
Luis A. García Segura

Luis A. García Segura

Director del Máster en Protección de Datos y Seguridad
Director de la Clínica Jurídica
Director of the Master in Data Protection and Security
Director of the Legal Clinic
Departamento de Psicología Psychology Department
Sara Uceda Gutiérrez

Sara Uceda Gutiérrez

Directora del Departamento de Psicología
Directora del Grado en Psicología
Director of the Department of Psychology
Director of the Degree in Psychology
Juan Carlos Fernández Rodríguez

Juan Carlos Fernández Rodríguez

Director de la Unidad de Psicología Aplicada Director of the Applied Psychology Unit
Departamento de Relaciones Internacionales International Relations Department
Adela Alija

Adela María Alija Garabito

Directora del Departamento de Relaciones Internacionales
Directora del Grado en Relaciones Internacionales
Director of the Department of International Relations
Director of the Degree in International Relations
Susana De Sousa Ferreira

Susana De Sousa Ferreira

Directora del Máster en Relaciones Internacionales (modalidad presencial)
Directora del Máster en Gestión de Riesgos en Conflictos
Director of the Master’s Degree in International Relations (classroom attendance modality)
Director of the Master in Conflict Risk Management
Mª Victoria Rodríguez Prieto

Mª Victoria Rodríguez Prieto

Directora del Máster en Relaciones Internacionales (modalidad a distancia) Director of the Master’s Degree in International Relations (online modality)
Departamento de Turismo Tourism Department
Diana Gómez

Diana Gómez Bruna

Directora del departamento de Turismo
Director of the Department of Tourism
Diana Gómez

Daniela Thiel Ellul

Directora del Grado en Turismo Director of the Degree in Tourism
Francisco Javier Navarro Meneses

Francisco Javier Navarro Meneses

Director del Título de Experto en Dirección Estratégica Prospectiva del Turismo Director of the Expert Degree in Prospective Strategic Management of Tourism
Coordinadores de Facultad School Coordinators
Ivana Ambrosio Racic

Ivana Ambrosio Racic

Coordinadora de Calidad Quality Coordinator
Jorge Hernando Cuñado

Jorge Hernando Cuñado

Coordinador de Movilidad Internacional International Mobility Coordinator
Gracia Abad Quintanal

Gracia Abad Quintanal

Coordinadora de Investigación Research Coordinator
Geraldine Bethencourt

Geraldine Bethencourt

Coordinadora de Reconocimientos Recognition Coordinator
Investigadores Principales de la Facultad School Main Researchers
Dra. Dª. Miren Aurkene Alzúa

Miren Aurkene Alzúa

Responsable IP Grupo de Investigación Nebrija en Inteligencia Turística e Innovación (Smarttour-INN) Head of IP Nebrija Research Group of Economic Analysis of the Tourism System (Smarttour-INN)
Santiago Budría

Santiago Budría

Responsable IP Grupo de Investigación Nebrija de Economía, Bienestar, Empresa e Internacionalización (ECEMIN) Head of IP Nebrija Research Group of Economy, Business and Internationalization (ECEMIN)
Carlos Espaliú Berdud

Carlos Espaliú Berdud

Responsable IP Grupo de Investigación Nebrija de Seguridad, Gestión de Riesgos y Conflictos (SEGERICO) Head of IP Nebrija Security Research Group, Risk and Conflict Management (SEGERICO)




** Compulsory Diploma

Master's Degrees

Área de Administración de Empresas

Business Area

Área de Derecho

Law Area


The faculty of the School of Social Sciences is made up of full-time professors and part-time professors.

The profile of the full-time professors corresponds essentially to Doctors (a high percentage of which are accredited), with dedication to research and university teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in their area of specialization.

The associated professors, closely linked to the exercise of the professional activity, offer the student the most intense contact with professional reality that they will find once they finish their studies.

Finally, specialist teachers in the field of communication and managerial skills teach seminars and professional competency subjects. The University makes a firm commitment to offer its students all the professional and personal development tools that will be required of future professionals.


Research Groups

The School devotes part of its effort to research tasks, as a fundamental complement to teaching. These tasks are structured around the existing Research Groups, which are part of the official register of the University, and which materialize in research projects with companies and public institutions of the sector.

Consult here the lines of activity and research groups


The School’s professors usually publish publications related to their research as an essential part of their activity at the University.

Consult here the most recent publications