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Nebrija Business School
About us

The mission of the Nebrija Business School is to contribute to economic and social development, adding value to both businesses and people, assisting professionals in enhancing their career prospects and their personal development. At the Nebrija Business School:

We are committed to nurturing the talent of both people and organisations.
We care about teaching quality and educational innovation.
We train professionals from a global and international perspective.
We work in close contact with the reality of the business world.
We encourage our students to seek added value and profitability.
We are part of a great University.

The Nebrija Business School offers: Official Post-graduate Courses, Executive Courses and “In-Company” Courses.

The official MBA and Specialised Master Programmes are aimed at university graduates wishing to complete their education, and to enhance their professional profile in order to create businesses and to perform in an outstanding manner in a variety of business fields.

The MBA and Executive Master Programmes provide specialised training, developing and increasing the potential of business managers and organisations. They are designed for experienced professionals wishing to further their careers in the business sector.

“In-Company” courses are aimed at businesses. This programme provides training for organisations, tailor-made to the needs of their staff and managers, using our own methodology which ensures the identity of the culture and goals of the client company and the training provided by the Nebrija Business School.

All our programmes are distinguished by their different identities, their advanced, hands-on methods and their focus on providing students with a competitive advantage, highly valued by businesses and institutions, which enables them to take advantage of greater and improved professional opportunities.

The Nebrija Business School facilitates professional development and consolidates the employment prospects of all the students and professionals taking part. In our teaching and research. We work closely on a day-to-day basis with the businesses and institutions indicated on the University and Business School website, a fact which guarantees continuous updating and review of our teaching practices, methods, and orientation of the academic content in order to match different business and managerial practices.

Our teaching staff (listed in the teaching body section of this website) consists of lecturers, university professors, and business managers, all with acknowledged prestige, experience and proven professional success, who are fully committed to their work of teaching and conveying knowledge. Our methodology is based on sharing the best experiences, systematically analysing real management situations.

“Nebrija Business School students enter the world of business and discover the meaning of business from an integrated perspective They learn to work with various management areas in a consistent manner. The will come to see the business organisation as the most efficient and effective instrument for achieving goals, and adding value to society in order to generate investment, to create wealth, and to grow.

The core benefit of the Business School lies in the students’ and teachers’ daily contact with business activity. The Nebrija