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  • PICS Social Sciences
  • PICC Communication Sciences
  • PIAL Arts and Letters
  • PIEPS Polytechnic School
  • PEHHispanic Studies Programme

Please select a maximum of 8 subjects corresponding to the chosen semester..

Business Administration

1st semester

Fundamentals of economics ( e )

Communication theory ( e )

International business ( e )

Contemporary World ( e )

Company analysis

Technology applied to business

Mathematics for the Company

Creation of companies

Management of human resources

Economic and financial diagnosis of the company

Business Project Management

Strategic management

Offline and online integrated business management

Advanced Data Analysis

Financial management

Global economic trends ( b )

Advanced Financial Accounting

Financial mathematics

Applied statistics

Analytical and management accounting

Entrepreneurship and innovation processes I

Skill Development Seminar III ( b )

Development of a participatory and supportive spirit: Ethics of volunteering

Development of a participatory and supportive spirit: Human Rights

2nd semester

Applied statistics

International economic organization ( b )

Company and its Environment ( e )

Business and Consumer Behavior

Financial Accounting

Law applied to the company I

Fundamentals of marketing for the company

Management and organization of companies

Analysis of the economic environment

Market research

Markets and financial instruments

Production and service management

Taxation of the Company

Entrepreneurship and generation of ideas

Fundamentals of marketing ( b )


Financial Accounting


Spanish and EU economy

Introduction to Law

Innovation and Business Creation


1st semester

General concepts of administrative law and contracting in the public sector

History of Spanish law: Roman and German influence

The Spanish Constitution and its Law system

Crimes and offenses in the Spanish legal system

International law in the globalized world ( b )

Real rights: Its regulation and publicity

Competition law

Family law and inheritance law

Labor law and social security

Commercial law

2nd semester

Company and its Environment

Fundamentals of civil law: Legal norm, person and legal relationship

General concepts of criminal law and theory of punishment

Law of commercial contracting, banking law and stock exchange law

Introduction and general issues of procedural law

Introduction to European Community law

Diplomatic and consular law

Theory of Financial and Tax Law and Personal Income Tax

International Private Law

International Relations

1st semester

Political Science: Power and Decision Structures ( e )

Structure and dynamics of the International Society

History of Political Thought ( b )

International law in a globalized world ( b )

International Scenarios and Globalization I

International Organizations ( b )

Institutional communication

International Scenarios and Globalization II

Spanish Foreign Policy

European Community system ( b )

International information and communication

Analysis and resolution of international conflicts ( b )

2nd semester

Introduction to Law

International Relations Theory: Paradigms and methodology ( b )

Skill Development Seminar I ( e )

History of Contemporary International Relations

Skill Development Seminar II ( b )

Spanish and EU economy

International human rights regime ( b )

Development and International Cooperation

Security and defense policies ( b )


1st semester

Structure of tourism markets


Geographical analysis of tourism resources

Strategic management

Evaluation of tourism impacts

Tourism Marketing

Operations and processes in the hotel sector (IT1))

Hotel management (IT1)

Tourism legislation

2nd semester

Planning of tourist destinations

Evaluation of hotel projects (IT1)

Tourism of conferences and events (MICE) (IT1)

New technologies in tourism

Social psychology

Creation of tourism products

Cultural heritage

( e ) - In english

( b ) - Bilingual

Please select a maximum of 8 subjects corresponding to the chosen semester..


1st semester

Communication Industries

Creative writing

Ethics and Deontology of Communication

Communication theory ( e / i )

Fundamentals of Economics

Journalistic Writing in Audiovisual Media


Contemporary world

Institutional communication

Writing and Editing in Digital Media

Structure and Dynamics of International Society

Audience Research

Development of participatory and solidarity spirit

Specialized journalism I

Management of Virtual Communities

Report and Documentary Workshop

Communication Research Methods

Skill Development Seminar III

Audiovisual Narrative

Audiovisual Technology

Literature and Creation ( e / i )

La The company and its environment ( e / i )

2nd semester

Fundamentals of Marketing

Specialized Journalism II

Communication Management

Skill Development Seminar II

Right to Information ( e / i )

New Technologies and Information Society

History of the Media

Skill Development Seminar I( e / i )

Advertising and Public Relations

1st semester

Advertising Creativity

Advertising Structures

Graphic Design

History of Advertising and Public Relations

Audience Research

Applied statistics

Media planning

Account management

Speaker Training and Institutional Relations

Event Design Workshop

Digital communication

Communication Research Methods

Fundamentals of Marketing and Communication

Communication Structures

Company Analysis

Graphic expression: color and form


Creative thought (Design thinking)

Fundamental of design

Pattern designing and dressmaking

Fundamentals of Computer Science and Digital Design

Artistic drawing

History of Suit and Sociology of Fashion

2nd semester

Public Relations Techniques

Below the Line (BTL) actions

Social, Local and Mobile Marketing

Transmedia narrative (Good level of Spanish required)

Computer science applied to Marketing

Marketing and Communication Finances

Consumer behavior

History of Visual Design

Vector illustration

Fashion Design

Pattern designing and Dressmaking

Vector Design

Artistic Drawing

Art History

Audiovisual Communication

1st semester

History of cinema

Script workshop (Script II)

Audiovisual Production

Principles of Film Direction

Non-Fiction Genres Script (Script III)

Television production

Short Film Workshop

Laboratory of Digital and 3D Animation

2nd semester

Contemporary Art

Art Direction and Set Design

Actor Management

Film Analysis Workshop

Videogame and App Lab

Public Relations Principles

Fundamentals of economy

( e ) - In english

( e / i ) - In english y español

( b ) - Bilingual

Please select a maximum of 8 subjects corresponding to the chosen semester..


1st semester

Society, family and school

Behaviour Modification in the classroom

Methodology, innovation and educational research ( b )

Tutoring and Guidance


Learning second languages ( b )

Social sciences and their didactics ( b )

Attention to other educational skills

2nd semester

Classroom and school organization

Psychology of educational development

Attention to linguistic and cultural diversity ( b )

Special educational needs in the classroom

Principles of Experimental Sciences ( b )

ICT in Education ( b )

Didactics of Mathematics

Didactics of musical education ( b )

Physical education and its didactics ( b )

Didactics of plastic and creative expression ( b )

Didactics of experimental sciences ( b )

Special educational needs in the classroom

Modern Languages

1st semester

Language BI (German or French)

Strategies of Oral and Written Communication I, Language A ( b )

Uses and Functions I Language A ( b )

Spanish language and communication

Translation Techniques

Contemporary World ( e )

Language BIII ( g )

Advanced Grammar Language A ( b )

Language CI (German, French or Chinese) ( g )

Spanish Language and Communication II

Didactics of Second Languages ( b )

Skill Development Seminar III ( e )

History and Institutions English Speaking Countries I ( e )

Strategies for Oral and Written Communication (German, French and Chinese)

International management ( e )

Company and its environment

2nd semester

Language BII (German) ( g )

Language BII (French) ( f )

Strategies of Oral and Written Communication II Language A ( b )

Uses and Functions II Language A ( b )

Skill Development Seminar I ( e )

English Literature (Asignatura In english)

Intercultural Communication ( b )

Language BIV (German) ( g )

Language BIV (French) ( f )

Language for Professional Purposes ( b )

Skill Development Seminar II ( e )

Language CII (German) ( g )

Language CII (French) ( f )

Language CII (Chinese) ( c )

Art history ( b )

Introduction to law ( e )

( e ) - In english

( f ) - In french

( g ) - In german

( c ) - En chino

( b ) - Bilingual

Please select a maximum of 8 subjects corresponding to the chosen semester..

Fine Arts

1st semester

Artistic vanguards of the 20th and 21st centuries

Digital animation workshop

Graphic expression I

Stamping and Printing Techniques


Applied audiovisual technology *

Techniques of digital animation and 3D rendering

Skill Development Seminar II

Workshop on Contemporary Creation Projects *

Drawing techniques and materials

Painting and drawing projects workshop *

2nd semester

Graphic Design and Communication

Electives: Applied audiovisual technology

Photography and Digital Art *

Creativity and Projects

Artistic production and cultural industry

Workshop on Contemporary Creation Projects II*

Graphic expression II

Artistic Vanguards

Audiovisual Technology

Design Methodology

Esthetics I

Web programming

* En función de la formación previa e intereses del estudiante

Architecture / Design

1st semester

Graphic expression I

Analysis of form and color I

Mathematics I

Architectural Expression I (FB)

Digital Ideation I (FB)

Geometry (FB)

Sociology and urban geography

Construction materials and techniques I

Architectural projects I

Art history

Experimental workshop I

Projects workshop III

Construction I

Sustainable architecture I

Projects workshop V

Legal architecture

Projects workshop VII

Sustainable architecture II

The company and its environment

Drawing techniques and materials

Computer assisted design I

Fundamentals of computer science

Scene design

Development of participatory and solidarity spirit

3D Infographics

Sustainable interior design

Furniture design

Leadership I

Ephemeral architecture


Digital animation in interior spaces

Creativity and projects

2nd semester

Graphic expression II

Form and color analysis II

Mathematics II (FB)

Architectural Expression II (FB)

Digital ideation II (FB)

Form analysis (FB)

Structural systems

Construction materials and techniques II

Architectural projects II

Architecture history

Projects workshop IV

Esthetics II

Design methodology

Skill Development Seminar I

Projects workshop VI

City planning I

Skill Development Seminar II

Projects workshop VIII

City planning II

Graphics design and communication

Skill Development Seminar III

Esthetics and design history

Three-dimensional workshop

Construction materials and techniques I

Computer assisted design II

Introduction to interior design projects

Photography and digital art

Furniture and interior spaces

Interior design projects workshop I

Fundamentals of ergonomics

Web programming

Interior design projects workshop II

Leadership II


1st semester

Material resistance


Industrial processes I

Marketing and legal aspects

Fundamentals of Materials Science

Management and organization of companies

Chemical engineering

Graphic engineering in the automobile I


Fluid mechanics


Instrumentation and automotive electronics

Form and color analysis I

Graphic expression I

Fundamentals of computer science

2nd semester

Leadership I

Projects workshop I

Packaging and environment

Industrial processes II

Leadership III

Company and its environment


Materials Engineering

Fluid-mechanical systems and machines

Computer science and Communications

Environment and sustainability

Graphic engineering in the automobile II

Materials in the automotive environment

Automobile theory

Automatisms and control methods

Vehicle systems and components I

Electric vehicles

Quality and management of automotive projects

Emotional intelligence and communication

Teamwork and project management

Spanish Language and Culture Studies

Optional : Preparatory Course (Spanish Language and Culture )

August · 2 weeks, 6 ECTS credits, 325€
January · 4 weeks, 12 ECTS credits, 610€
I do not wish to take a Preparatory Course

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