II International Research Conference on Spanish Dance: Contemporary Creation in Spanish Dance


  • To promote visibility of research works on Spanish Dance among professionals and students of Spanish Dance.
  • To improve communication between the scientific community devoted to research Spanish dance and both professionals and students.
  • To increase the visibility of Spanish Dance in the civil society, linking it to knowledge, to science.
  • To improve the relationship and synergy of research groups at Universities both among them and with other researchers who are studying the Spanish Dance, and also to strengthen links between the University community and Higher Conservatoires for Music within the EHEA framework.
  • To contribute to the publishing of scientific works on Spanish theatrical dance.
  • To strengthen the international dimension of the Spanish Dance.
  • To value Spanish contemporary creation through research.

Thematic lines

Authors should submit their proposals according to one of the following general thematic lines:

  • Creators in the choreography field of contemporary Spanish dance.
  • Methodological concepts and approaches applied to research on dance.
  • Current local and international markets of Spanish dance.
  • History of Spanish Dance from the Transition up to the present.


Sala Berlanga, C/ Andrés Mellado, 53, Madrid.

How to get there
Underground lines: Argüelles, Islas Filipinas
Bus lines: 1,2,12,16,21,44,61,133,202


Fundación Nebrija Fundación SGAE