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International Programmes at NebrijaHousing options

The Housing Service can place students in home stays, university residences, or colegios mayores, all convenient to campus (subject to space available).


Students may choose between half- and full room and board. Full room and board includes three meals per day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Half room and board includes two meals: breakfast and either lunch or dinner. Breakfast in Spain is quite light, with lunch being the main meal of the day.

  • Full board homestay : 950 €/month
  • Half board homestay : 810 €/month

University residences

Nebrija each year reserves a given number of places in university residences in Madrid. Near the Berzosa Campus, there are two residences, one all-female and one all-male.

  • University residence (co-ed in July and September)/ full board. For more information, please write

Other possibilities

The Housing Service will provide information only regarding rentals, hotels, hostels, etc.

Accommodation information:

Campus Dehesa de la Villa:
Tel.: +3491452 11 00
Fax.: +34 91 452 11 10

Campus de La Berzosa:
Tel.: +34 91 452 11 37
Tel.: +34 91 452 11 01
Fax.: +34 91 452 11 13