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Master's Degree in Leadership and Human Resources Management + Sagardoy’s Own Degree in Digital Talent Management & HR Analytics

With Sagardoy Business & Law School
Master's Degree in Leadership and Human Resources Management + Sagardoy’s Own Degree in Digital Talent Management & HR Analytics

Master's Degree in Leadership and Human Resources Management


Paid Professional Internships in companies, law and consulting firms


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Summary table

Student profile: The preferred admission profile is that of university graduates who have obtained their undergraduate or equivalent university degrees, at least 18 ECTS credits or equivalent workload, in subjects directly related to business, sociology and political science: such as Administration of Companies, Sociology, Marketing, Sales management, Finance, Accounting, Operations management, Management skills, Economics, Policies, etc., and who carry out or wish to carry out their activity in the field of people management, using tools such as leadership, the ability to dialogue, open-mindedness, willingness to share and actively participate in the course, as well as the ability to complete the tasks and assignments indicated within the deadlines.
All applicants who meet the requirements established by current legislation, who are interested in acquiring specialized training in the field of management, and who comply with the requirements of the Admission Test and with the basic competences that are assessed therein will be able to access the Master's Degree in Leadership and Human Resources Management and Digital Talent Management & HR Analytics.

Graduate profile: The student who completes the Master's Degree in Leadership and Human Resources Management will be prepared to influence the relationships between the company's workers and management, allowing the workers to fully develop their skills in the work environment and ensure that their performance is fully aligned with the business strategy.
The master's degree prepares graduates as complete professionals in the human resources area, through quality studies that respond to the needs of the labor market in this field. In order to take on this purpose, the degree provides the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to identify, characterize, attend and evaluate the various issues that arise, not only in the day-to-day of the post, but also trying to develop the ability for strategic thinking, which is necessary for any professional who performs their work in a multidisciplinary context related to intergenerational reality, diversity, digitization, coaching, leadership, etc. in any company, entity, organization or public administration.

Official degree::Master's Degree in Leadership and Human Resources Management

Learning center:School of Economics and Business

Branch of knowledge: Social and Legal Sciences

Places offered: - Classroom attendance: 50
- Blended: 60
- Online: 70

Total Credits 60 credits.
Minimum 12 ECTS credits and maximum 60 ECTS credits per enrollment and academic year.

Academic year it was implemented: 2017

Duraction: 1 academic year.
The face-to-face lectures will be held in the afternoon from Monday to Thursday.

Quality of the degree

External monitoring and accreditation reports Improvement actions and indicators
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Towards a new era in people management

The current work environment demands a new generation of human resources professionals capable of streamlining people management processes and responding to business needs.

New forms of collaboration, internal mobility and participation in attractive projects that provide employability to workers in organizations, personalized compensation management for each employee, corporate culture, career possibilities and leadership styles are just some of the projects that any professional dedicated to people management must take on in order to combine business strategy with people management.

We are entering a new generation of people management that requires knowledge, creativity and technical strength to be able to face the problems posed by the current work environment, which is increasingly demanding and changing, and where the presence of automation and digitization is increasingly more common.

The Master's Degree in Leadership and Human Resources Management + Sagardoy's Own Degree in Digital Talent Management & HR Analytics from Nebrija University and Sagardoy Business & Law School, has been designed to provide technical excellence to future human resources professionals who wish to acquire a differential knowledge in order to face the new challenges posed by people management.

Vanessa Izquierdo González
Director of the Master’s Degree in Leadership and Human Resources Management + Sagardoy's Own Degree in Digital Talent Management & HR Analytics

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Sagardoy AbogadosAn institution committed to excellence

Since its foundation in 1980, Sagardoy Abogados has established itself as one of the main Law Firms specialized in Labor Law, Social Benefits, Pensions and Social Security.

Sagardoy Abogados received, during 2019 and 2020, numerous prizes and awards in recognition of the excellent quality and coverage of its legal-labor services, as well as for its lawyers' career paths.

An exclusive collaboration. An innovative vision

Nebrija University and Sagardoy Business & Law School have designed an exclusive program that has an innovative vision of the human resources function aligned with the business strategy.

The partnership allows future human resources professionals to enter the labor market with solid technical knowledge in people management and propose strategic solutions through the analysis and use of human resources data for adequate decision-making.

The Master's Degree in Leadership and Human Resources Management + Digital Talent Management & HR Analytics covers the most strategic aspects of the human resources function, such as the link between the organization and people, attracting talent and selecting it, the development of careers and the career framework, compensation management, among others, and incorporates the most innovative aspects, such as new ways of working, HR Metrics, digitization and the development of digital skills and talents.

Development of the Master's degree

The Master's degree combines the study of technical content, development of practical cases, and analysis of real "best practices" experiences in a balanced way.

It was designed for university graduates and profiles who have one or two years of experience, and who intend to carry out their professional career in the human resources area, both in the field of business and in consulting.


Designed as a tool to motivate learning and best use of the master's degree:

  • Evaluation by modules: participation, teamwork, knowledge tests and presentations to a group of experts.
  • Master’s Final Research Project.

What am I going to invest my time on?

360º vision

Acquire a 360º view of all human resources processes and policies and the connection of processes.

Solid foundation

Incorporate a solid foundation of technical knowledge on human resources.

Latest trends

Know the latest trends in organization and work environments, development of digital talent, strategic management of compensation and analysis of human resources data.

Innovative project

Design innovative and strategic people management projects.

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The Master's degree includes a specialized degree in talent management in new work environments that responds to the demand of organizations to optimize decision-making through analytics and data management.

The era of the digital revolution, business transformation and the current work environment that constantly poses challenges directly impacts talent management.

For this, Sagardoy's own Degree in Digital Talent Management & HR Analytics has a methodology focused on the management and development of digital talent within the new collaborative environments in which future human resource professionals will carry out their professional careers.

The Master's degree intensifies training towards leadership and talent management

Exclusive partnership

The partnership between Nebrija University and Sagardoy Business & Law School has made it possible to design an exclusive program that has an innovative vision of the human resources function aligned with the organizations' business strategy.

Teaching staff

A carefully selected lecturers, drawn from leading companies and strategic human resources consulting firms. All of them represent the best practices of people management policies.


The Master's degree is designed from a strategic perspective with special focus on:

  • New forms of collaboration and new working methods.
  • HR Analytics.
  • Strategic management of compensation.
  • The impact on business results of human resources policies.
Professional internships

The partnership between Nebrija University and Sagardoy Business & Law School has led to the creation of a specialized team to manage students' professional internships and careers, reaching agreements with IBEX 35 companies, human resources consulting companies and law firms.

BOE No. 22, of January 26, 2017
All our degrees and curricula have been prepared in accordance with the new guidelines set by current legislation, having already been verified by the National Agency for Quality Assessment.
The student must take 60 credits

Subjects of the
Master's Degree in Leadership and Human Resources Management

Annex to the teaching guides

Subjects of the
Expert in Digital Talent Management & HR Analytics

First semester 6 ECTS

  • 3 ECTS | Introducción a la Contabilidad
  • 1 ECTS | Desjerarquización y Estructuras Líquidas
  • 1 ECTS | Gestión Estratégica del Talento Senior
  • 1 ECTS | Inteligencia Emocional en las Organizaciones

Second semester 16 ECTS

  • 1 ECTS | AGILE
  • 2 ECTS | Dimensionamiento de Plantillas
  • 3 ECTS | Executive Compensation
  • 2 ECTS | Planes De Previsión Social
  • 2 ECTS | HR Metrics
  • 1 ECTS | Diversity 6 Inclusion
  • 4 ECTS | Casos de Éxito en RRHH
  • 1 ECTS | Metodología de Consultoría de RRHH

More Academic Information


Guaranteed Professional Internships Paid internships in companies, law and consulting firms

Nebrija University and Sagardoy Business & Law School have an active job bank, whose professionals will advise the participants who so wish in order to boost their professional career by providing advice and job offers suitable to their profile and expectations.

In addition, the partnership between both educational institutions has led to the signing of collaboration agreements with the main IBEX 35 companies, human resources consulting companies and law firms.

The internships can be carried out throughout the academic year and will be paid.

Some of the collaborating companies:

  • Accenture
  • Acciona
  • Ackermann
  • Aldesa
  • Banco Santander
  • BBVA
  • BBVA Next Technologies
  • BDO
  • Calidad Pascual
  • Carrefour
  • Cepsa
  • Deloitte
  • El Corte Inglés
  • Endesa
  • EY
  • Fábrica de Moneda y Timbre
  • FCC
  • Ferrovial
  • Ferrovial Servicios
  • Freinexet
  • HAYS
  • Inditex
  • Ineco
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • KPMG
  • Línea Directa
  • Loewe
  • Mahou
  • Medtronic
  • Orange
  • Randstad
  • Repsol
  • RSM Spain
  • Saint-Gobain
  • Santa Lucía
  • Securitas Direct
  • SegurCaixaAdelas
  • Telefónica
  • Tragsa
  • Valistiq
  • Vodafone
  • Walters People
  • Willis Towers Watson

Modalidad Online Máster en Liderazgo y Dirección de Recursos Humanos

Formación Online 100% práctica

Este Máster oficial está destinado a formar a futuros profesionales de los Recursos Humanos, que puedan desempeñar funciones de responsabilidad como consultores, directores de área o Business Partners. Los estudiantes conseguirán una visión empresarial conjunta y global de todas las áreas de los Recursos Humanos, desde la organización y planificación hasta la gestión.

La modalidad online permite al estudiante compatibilizar su vida personal y profesional con la académica.

El Master Universitario en Liderazgo y Dirección de los Recursos Humanos es un programa innovador, que complementa el concepto clásico de dirigir equipos de personas, con el actual y necesario ingrediente del liderazgo. Es una propuesta única, que intensifica la formación hacia el liderazgo y la gestión del talento.


La metodología es eminentemente práctica, se sigue el método del caso. La evaluación continua y la atención personalizada son dos de las características fundamentales de este Master. Se hace uso de la plataforma de aprendizaje Blackboard. Los profesores son profesionales en activo y doctores, los grupos son reducidos lo que garantiza la calidad de la enseñanza recibida.

"Nuestro compromiso es formarte con las competencias necesarias para que seas el profesional que demanda la sociedad. En nuestra Facultad promovemos la metodología docente práctica y la enseñanza dinámica y participativa, para lograr la máxima empleabilidad y el desarrollo de tu espíritu emprendedor"
"Our commitment is to train you with the necessary skills to be the professional that society demands. In our Faculty we promote practical teaching methodology and dynamic and participatory teaching, to achieve maximum employability and the development of your entrepreneurial spirit. "
Dra. Ana Fernández-Ardavín Decana de la facultad
Dra. Ana Fernández-Ardavín Dean of the School
Grado Acreditado