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One of the eight best Online MBAs

The Nebrija University MBA has been recognized as one of the eight best Online MBAs in Spanish by the FSO 2023 Ranking

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Students of the MBA and Master in Global Business Management from Nebrija Business & Technology School visit the Stellantis factory in Villaverde, a giant in the automotive industry

In a day that reflects the connection of the Nebrija University with industry and business practice, students from the MBA and MiM Master programs of the Nebrija Business and Technology School made an educational visit to the Villaverde (Madrid) factory of the Stellantis group, one of the most prominent corporations in the automotive sector worldwide.

Stellantis, known for its diversity of brands including Peugeot, Citroën, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and many others, represents a global conglomerate covering a wide range of vehicles, from city cars to commercial vehicles. The visit was particularly special, as students had the opportunity to see the production of the innovative Citroën C4 and C4X models, including their 100% electric versions, highlighting the company's commitment to sustainability and advanced technology.

The experience was enriching thanks to José Antonio León Capitán, communication director of Stellantis and professor of the Nebrija MBA, and Carlos Adán Serna, whose expert guidance and knowledge were fundamental to the success of this initiative, as well as the rest of the employees and guides of the factory who explained the assembly process to us in detail.

Students were able to observe Stellantis' production and assembly processes in action, gaining practical knowledge of how technology and efficient management are integrated into automotive manufacturing. Additionally, discussions on current automotive market trends and challenges provided invaluable insight for future business leaders.

These types of experiences underscore Nebrija University's commitment to an education that transcends the classroom, preparing students for the challenges of the professional world. The Nebrija Business and Technology School continues to demonstrate its leadership in offering comprehensive and practical training.

Dstila Center Welcomes Students from the Master's Degree in Business Management and Digital Marketing

On April 27, students from the university's Master's program in Business Management and Digital Marketing had the unique opportunity to visit the Dstila Center as part of the subject Sales as part of company strategy with Professor Lisardo de Pedro.
During the visit, students were tasked with creating a new gin product and designing sales channels based on the specific attributes of the product. This practical exercise allowed students to apply the knowledge they had acquired in the classroom effectively.

The experience was highly engaging as it provided students with valuable insights into the thriving gin industry. The outcome of this exercise was the development of five new gin products, each featuring innovative distribution ideas, positioning them as potential contenders in the market.

Students from the university's Master's degree in Commercial Management and Digital Marketing had the privilege of visiting the newly inaugurated headquarters of L'Oreal Spain and Portugal.

On April 19, students from the university's Master's program in Commercial Management and Digital Marketing had the privilege of visiting the newly inaugurated headquarters of L'Oreal Spain and Portugal. This state-of-the-art facility, which had been exclusively showcased to select media. Our students were practically the first to explore the space.
Isabel Zancajo, Director of Communication and Social Media for YSL Beauty and Biotherm, both of which are brands under the company's luxury division, guided our students through the facilities. She also delivered an insightful session on influencer marketing and communication.

The session provided our students with a comprehensive tour of the key elements that define a luxury brand. It also delved into the management of media relationships and collaborations with content creators and influencers. Given the speaker's extensive industry experience and the engaging nature of the presentation, our students not only learned valuable insights but also thoroughly enjoyed the experience. As a delightful bonus, they received a gift!

Visit to Metlife Spain by the students of the Master's degree in Business Administration + Technology (MBA+T)

On April 21, students had the privilege of visiting the Metlife Spain headquarters in Madrid. They were welcomed by Oscar Herencia Rodrigo, the General Director of Metlife Spain and a professor at Nebrija University, along with his dedicated team. The visit included an engaging discussion about the significance of insurance companies in today's world. The students had the opportunity to delve into various topics, including data and the integration of technology within the insurance sector. Overall, it was an enriching experience for our students.

Round tables

Circular economy and challenges of sustainable development

On April 20, an insightful round table discussion on Circular Economy and Sustainable Development Challenges took place in our university's Assembly Hall. The panel featured distinguished guests, including Carolina Ibáñez Cacho, Manager of the Environmental Development Department at Repsol; Susana Bokobo Jr., Technical Assistant at the International Chamber of Commerce of Spain; Edith Guedella, Head of Sustainability at Acciona; and Iván López de la Casa, Head of the Electrical Infrastructure Department at EMT. The discussion was skillfully moderated by Marina Mattera, a professor specializing in sustainability at Nebrija Business & Technology School.

Job opportunities in data analysis applied to business and finance management

The roundtable was moderated by Francisco Javier Navarro, a professor at the School of Economics and Business. The discussion featured insights from Gorka Briones, Partner and Head of Monitor Deloitte in Spain, overseeing the Strategic Transformation, Payment Methods, and Innovation practice, and Ángel Sevillano, the leader of IBM Consulting's Advanced Analytics division. During the session, they delved into the abundant job opportunities available within the realm of data analytics, spanning across economics, finance, tourism, People Analytics, and more.

The professionals certainly succeeded in inspiring and motivating the students at the School of Economics and Business to pursue careers with promising futures. They provided a detailed overview of the profile companies like Deloitte and IBM Consulting are seeking in potential candidates. They highlighted both the technical skills and soft skills that distinguish recent graduates and position them for success in various roles within these companies.
During the event, students had the valuable opportunity to engage in direct dialogue with the speakers. The insightful discussion that unfolded featured individuals with significant expertise, and it is possible that some of these students will become future leaders in these organizations.
One crucial takeaway from this interaction was the professionals' emphasis on the significance of data literacy in today's professional landscape, comparing it to the importance of knowing the English language. Proficiency in data-related tools like R and Python was stressed as essential for consulting roles in various sectors, be it finance, tourism, or human resources. Additionally, it was highlighted that professionals with data management skills are likely to command higher salaries compared to those with expertise confined to their respective domains.


The students of the Master in Leadership and Human Resources Management, at the INTRAMA congress on diversity and inclusion.

On Wednesday, October 25, students and teachers of the Master in Leadership and HR Management, in person and online, attended INTRAMA, the most important diversity and inclusion event in Spain. In this event, only for professionals, the Master obtained ten invitations for his students.

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Ana Fernández-Ardavín, speaker at the Women and Business Show 2023, organized by INTRAMA

The event took place at Leroy Merlin – Spain's offices in Alcobendas, Madrid, with Leroy Merlin hosting the edition of the INTRAMA CONSULTORIA Women and Business Show. The opening presentation was delivered by our Dean of the School of Economics and Business, Ana Fernández-Ardavín Martínez, titled Academic Interview: When We Were Girls. Women's Education – Are Barriers Limited to STEM Careers?
During her presentation, she addressed key data regarding the representation of women at all academic levels, with a particular focus on their university education, covering STEM and other fields, as well as traditionally female-dominated sectors.

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ASLAN 23 Congress, Technology, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity

On March 22 and 23, Professor Dr. Marina Mattera accompanied the in-person MBA students to the IFEMA Conference Center in Madrid. There, they had the opportunity to explore topics related to artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and digitalization through engaging presentations by top companies and speakers. Additionally, they benefited from valuable exhibitions and connected with industry-leading companies to expand their professional network.

Nebrija Business & Technology School at European Building Capacity Workshop – Business Graduates Association

Nebrija Business & Technology School was well-represented at the European Building Capacity conference, which took place on February 16 in Berlin. This event saw participation from Deans and internationalization managers representing more than 30 European business schools. Distinguished leaders from institutions such as the Rotterdam School of Management (Steef Van de Velde), Collège de Paris (Guillaume Finck and Yasmina Kashouh), Berlin School of Business and Innovation (Sagi Hartov), and Middlesex University London (Fatima Annan-Diab) shared their insights and experiences regarding the development of international academic programs and alliances. Discussions also revolved around the future of higher education in the field of business management.

Academic events

The Transversality Conferences serve as a platform for the exchange of teaching experiences

The Nebrija Institute of Professional Competences hosted an event on the Madrid-Princesa campus, bringing together 45 speakers who shared 25 presentations.

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Graduation MBA+T Nebrija Business and Technology School

Last Friday, June 16, the MBA+T students of the face-to-face and online modalities graduated from their official postgraduate studies in Business Administration + Technology at the Campus located in Berzosa, Madrid.

This event also served as an excellent opportunity to mark the culmination of the academic year, allowing students to finalize the details of their Business Plans, which they will be presenting in the coming weeks. These plans can serve as valuable learning experiences that they can apply within their respective organizations and companies. We wish them every success in their personal and professional futures.

Nebrija alumni, protagonists of the event on entrepreneurship organized by the School of Economics and Business at the 2nd Impulsa Conference

During this event, two former students shared their journey of transforming a class project they worked on during their studies at Nebrija into a full-fledged business. Their innovative idea was originally presented at the School of Economics and Business's central entrepreneurship event. It is an inspiring example of how a simple idea can evolve into a successful company, as was the case with the founders of Screensor Tech. Have you ever had a groundbreaking idea and thought it could be the foundation of your own company? This question is what fueled the founders of Screensor Tech to realize their entrepreneurial aspirations.

The discussion was lively and interactive, with questions and audience participation via a dedicated app. The founders shared their experiences, emphasizing that learning does not stop after university; it is an ongoing process.
The Screensor Tech team, in collaboration with LG, showcased their innovative technology, which is already being used in various industries, for their product to be tangible. They were also supported by LG, with whom they have recently signed a great marketing agreement. LG, a leader in the sector, spoke highly of the young entrepreneurs, commending their passion, determination, and resilience in negotiations. At the end of the event, some of LG's latest technology headphones were raffled among those attending the event.
The former students expressed that their journey to their current position was shaped by their persistence and confidence. This was initially bolstered by the outstanding grade (10) their business plan received in Professor Jorge Hernando's class. Subsequently, their victory in an entrepreneurship contest organized by Professor Víctor Conde further fueled their self-belief. Additionally, they valued the guidance offered by the Dean and the support extended by the University.

Design Thinking at the 2nd Nebrija Impulsa Conference

On April 12, Sergio Gil conducted a Design Thinking workshop for our students. The workshop revolved around a hypothetical scenario: a fictional airline identifying a group of potential customers who are interested in traveling but are hesitant to do so alone due to various reasons. The challenge was to explore strategies to attract and convert these potential customers into active clients.

The event took place in the courtyard, where attendees were divided into groups, equipped with whiteboards, post-it notes, and other tools to work on the challenge. The session began with the speaker presenting a problem to the students, which they had to solve using the Design Thinking technique within the given time frame.
Sergio provided a concise explanation of what Design Thinking involves and instructed the groups to collaborate and brainstorm to find a solution that would attract customers to the airline. The approach aimed to promote creativity and diversity within the groups.
Using the brainstorming technique, the participants engaged in the process outlined by Sergio Gil during the workshop. They progressed in phases, generating a variety of ideas on post-it notes, regardless of their initial validity, and placing them on boards distributed throughout the workshop space. Afterward, they assessed and ranked the most relevant ideas for solving the challenge of attracting solo travelers.
During the problem-solving phase, ideas that, although valid, did not align with the final objective of the process started to get eliminated. Through this elimination process, each group developed its final proposal. This approach allowed for the creation of numerous ideas aimed at promoting a new way of traveling for individuals.
To conclude the workshop, Sergio summarized the key takeaways from this technique, widely employed in companies to devise solutions. He also shared the primary tips for effectively implementing this approach in any project.

“One plus one is not two,” competency analysis workshop with PerformanSe

On April 13, as part of the 2nd Impulsa Employability Conference, the company PerformanSe, invited by the School of Economics and Business, conducted a workshop on competency analysis focused on collective intelligence, under the theme 'One plus one is not two'. The event took place in the courtyard, with participants grouped at tables equipped with boards, tokens, and other essential materials. The introductory remarks were delivered by Eva Iglesias, Director of the Master's Degree in Leadership and HR Management at the School of Economics and Business. She was joined by representatives from PerformanSe and the workshop's speaker, Francisco José Arcos.

Subsequently, Francisco José elaborated on the concept of collective intelligence and outlined the workshop's structure. The workshop materials and content were meticulously developed by the Research and Development department at PerformanSe, drawing from the latest research by Dr. Anita Williams Woolley, a renowned expert in the field of collective intelligence. These studies are cutting-edge and evolutionary, and their applicability may vary based on specific populations and work teams. The workshop presented general insights based on the extensive research conducted by scientists and psychologists.
Participants were initially organized into six groups, each assigned to different tables. In the first phase, the workshop delved into the influence of various factors, such as gender diversity and work patterns, on the formation of collective intelligence. Each group was given a board with a distinct arrangement of these factors.
With approximately 15-20 minutes allocated for each group to interact with their respective boards and assigned scoring tokens. Both Francisco José and Eva Iglesias circulated among the groups, addressing any questions or uncertainties related to the criteria assignment.
To conclude the workshop, Francisco presented the primary outcomes of the criteria scores for each team - Banana, Slipper, Balloon, and Rocket, concerning collective intelligence. He emphasized that the primary goal is to foster collective intelligence, with no single criterion being inherently more crucial than another. In fact, it is common for multiple criteria to align and enhance collective intelligence. There was an opportunity for groups to share any questions or concerns that had emerged within each team, and a few minutes were set aside for inter-group discussions at the same tables to explore any commonalities or differences in criteria assignment.
To conclude the workshop, Francisco distributed a QR code to all participants, providing access to one of the most significant professional development tests created by PerformanSe. He encouraged attendees to take the test at their convenience and offered to review their results in the future, with contact information provided. The session concluded with an expression of gratitude towards the speaker, accompanied by a token of appreciation.

World Café: the jobs of the future in tourism

On April 12, our students engaged in a group dynamic organized by the Department of Tourism within the School of Economics and Business. During this activity, students deliberated on the skills and competences they deem essential for future careers in the field of tourism. They also contemplated the courses within their Bachelor's Degree in Tourism that were contributing to their development of these skills and competences.

The audience was divided into four groups, with guidance provided by our distinguished guests and organizers. These included Fabián González, founder and CEO of, Francisco Javier Navarro, professor of Tourism, Sonia Rumayor, Strategic Partnership Manager at MINUBE, Isabel López Briones, Aitziber Pousa Unanue, and Aurkene Alzúa Sorzabal from the Nebrija Tourism Department, Pedro Antón, Director of Travel & Tourism at HIBERUS, Víctor Fernández Morales, Founding Partner and Director of the La Buena Huella Project, and Daniela Thiel Ellul, Director of the bachelor's degree in Tourism at Nebrija.

Meetings with professionals

Jaime Negredo and the role of public relations in the reputation of a company at the University

On May 9, Javier Negredo, a former student of the Master's Degree in Business Management and Digital Marketing, visited our university to share with the students of this postgraduate degree his experience as Head of Communication for the global network of Amazon Logistics Centers. In the master class, titled The impact of public relations (PR) on business reputation, Javier Negredo began by explaining the main functions carried out by the Communication Department in a company and how it works to build a brand image for the company.

Unlike the Marketing Department, whose direct objective is to sell a product, the Communication Department is responsible for creating a reputation linked to a brand, as well as changing customers' perception of a company and generating a connection with that brand. To illustrate this work, Javier Negredo presented the case of Red Bull Stratos Jump, a campaign designed by Red Bull in 2012 to link its image to the feat carried out in 2012 by Felix Baumgartner, an Austrian parachutist who, aboard a small capsule, jumped to Earth from space, exceeding the speed of sound.
The jump was broadcast live on 40 television networks and 130 digital media. Just in Spain, it was followed by 4.3 million viewers through Teledeporte.

Juan Carlos Mora de Oñate, Commercial and Marketing Director of Óptica Roma, with the students of the Master's Degree in Commercial Management and Digital Marketing

Last Wednesday, March 29, Juan Carlos Mora de Oñate, Commercial and Marketing Director of Óptica Roma, visited us within the framework of the series of conferences with professionals organized within the university's master's degree in Commercial Management and Digital Marketing.

During the presentation titled 'Family Business, Health, and Retail: Surviving in the Digital World,' the challenges of maintaining a family business for over 60 years in an ever-changing environment were addressed. In this dynamic landscape, adaptation and evolution to meet the new needs of consumers become imperative. Juan Carlos Mora shared insights into Óptica Roma's business strategy, encompassing various aspects, from commercial margin considerations to the store expansion model. As a part of their learning experience, our students will soon have the opportunity to visit one of Óptica Roma's retail locations to gain firsthand knowledge of the most significant aspects of retail design.


Nebrija Business and Technology School, present at AULA 2023

On March 22, Nebrija Business and Technology School participated in the AULA conference, where thousands of students and prospective candidates aim to chart their future career paths. Álvaro Rodríguez García, the Director of the MBA+T program, engaged with numerous students, inspiring them not only to explore undergraduate degree options but also to consider postgraduate studies. These postgraduate programs open doors to the world of work and expand opportunities for working with top-tier companies.


International stay of MBA students at UC Berkeley 2023

On June 25, the students of the Master's Degree in Business Administration attended the international stay proposed jointly with UC Berkeley, lasting a week in a program specifically designed for our Entrepreneurship and Innovation students.

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Second day of international exams of the second semester in Bogotá, Santo Domingo and Madrid. MBA+T.

On June 9, 10, 12, and 13, the second round of in-person exams for the Master's Degree in Business Administration + Technology, MBA + T, took place in Bogotá, Santo Domingo, and Madrid. These exam days were marked by a positive and collaborative atmosphere, as students applied the skills they had acquired throughout the second semester of the MBA.

Nebrija representatives, who were present at the exam venues, commended the students for their excellent work, and the exam days proceeded smoothly. During these sessions, students received valuable feedback on completing the course and preparing for the defenses of their Master's TFM projects. Participants also shared positive experiences from their time in the Postgraduate program. We express our gratitude to our students for their participation and appreciate the opportunity to host this enriching meeting. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

The MBA+T Master's degree holds its international exam day for the First semester in Bogotá, Santo Domingo and Madrid

On February 25, MBA+T students completed an intensive exam day, evaluating the knowledge acquired during the first semester of the MBA program. Representatives of Nebrija Business and Technology School traveled to Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and Spain to oversee the exams. We wish the students the best of luck in both the first and second semesters.

UC Berkeley receives a group of students from Nebrija

Once again, MBA and Master's in Industrial Engineering students from Nebrija University had the opportunity to embark on a study tour at UC Berkeley's San Francisco campus. During their stay, they received specialized training tailored to their respective fields.
The students were accompanied by Álvaro Rodríguez García, an academic tutor and professor of Introduction to Law at Nebrija Business & Technology School, in their stay at UC Berkeley, renowned as one of the world's premier higher education institutions. Professor García commented, «The students not only met, but exceeded, our expectations for them during their time at UC Berkeley».

All students proactively updated their LinkedIn profiles and remained highly engaged by consistently sharing valuable content within their networks. Their unwavering enthusiasm was evident throughout their participation in all scheduled activities. 'I was genuinely impressed by their level of involvement and the multitude of insightful questions they posed during these events,' commented one of the program leaders.
In turn, the UC Berkeley authorities commended the group of students, with Luis Valencia, Manager of Internship & Career Development Programs at UC Berkeley, expressing his appreciation for their enthusiasm and active participation.

New Skills for the Digital World: The MBA’s challenge

The changes we are experiencing due to the integration of digital reality in our lives is not alien to companies in the so-called digital transformation or digital industry. In this aspect such changes increasingly require new profiles with skills not contemplated in traditional MBAs related to the use of technology, data analytics, Lean or Agile work methodologies and advanced entrepreneurship skills.

Different universities and business schools around the world have seen how the demand for traditional MBAs has decreased or even forced them to close because they did not meet the needs of the market. This has been reinforced by the shift of these programs in the main business schools of reference towards STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) content, and more specifically towards the T "Technology".

Digital Integration and Business Needs

The maturation of information technologies and the lowering of data acquisition and processing costs has led to a greater integration of these technologies in the business environment. In this sense, the use of artificial intelligence in process automation processes, data mining for customer acquisition and customer service, and in general, data analytics for decision-making, have gradually become the engine of a business transformation process in which technology and artificial intelligence is an enabler.

For some years now the business fabric has been subjected to such a process in which technology and the management and use of data has ceased to be a competitive advantage and has become a necessity. These changes have led to the so-called digital transformation in companies, which have focused on maximizing the customer experience, relying on the improvement and optimization of processes and organizational structures, with data being another asset in the company's possession that must be used as any other asset to improve its income statement.

In the use of such data, artificial intelligence and process automation have acquired a key role in combining the needs of these both in the physical and digital world to improve the consumer experience. These changes in the processes within companies, as well as the new demands of their environment (change of demand for products and services to experiences and immediacy on the part of consumers, greater competition with agents initially external to their sector of activity, platform economies, etc.) have required an organizational change that requires that the profiles demanded by the companies adapt to their digital needs.

At the managerial level, it is no longer enough for them to be able to talk about the latest technological changes that have occurred, but a deeper knowledge of these technologies is expected to manage them as if they were another function with an impact on all the traditional functions of the company (marketing, human resources, etc.). Additionally, this has given rise to new profiles which are called hybrids by combining technological knowledge and that of their function. In the USA, these profiles have seen a growth of between 28%-34% in positions such as Customer Success Specialist, or Chief Revenue Officer. The demand for these profiles is difficult for companies to cover because of the rapid changes that occur in them and require a combination of leadership, business, data analytics and technological innovation.

New Ways of Working

One of the great advantages that technology has brought in recent years is the change in the way of working. It has forced companies to break down the silos in which the functions previously worked, demanding that teams be increasingly multidisciplinary to bring the various solutions to fruition. This is a business paradigm shift from a culture of execution to a culture of innovation.

It is precisely this culture of innovation that requires new (although already known) Agile ways of working, in which multidisciplinary teams will try to reach a solution in an iterative way to know as soon as possible if it fits the needs of the company and in case of failure, to do it soon minimizing the risk and maximizing the lessons learned throughout the organization.

Due to the uncertainty in which companies find themselves, with a rapidly changing environment, a digital transformation for which there is no single recipe, the change of processes and organizational structures with years/decades of maturity, as well as the different generations that coexist in the same, it is increasingly necessary for these new profiles to have entrepreneurial skills.

In this sense, new projects within companies, as well as the execution of technology-based projects, require competencies related to entrepreneurship that are applied within companies.

Traditional organizational hierarchies have become obsolete for the speed of change required, giving way to flatter structures in which each member of these multidisciplinary teams must act as an entrepreneur outside and inside his or her function to be able to undertake relevant innovation projects within the company.

As a result, companies are no longer looking to traditional MBA students for business skills. These companies are looking for professionals who must be able to innovate, manage technology as a facilitator of change, work with data analytics and artificial intelligence as an integral part of day-to-day business, as well as being able to be entrepreneurial to launch initiatives that respond to the new and changing needs of their companies. In this case, these skills have led MBA programs to evolve by incorporating more and deeper STEM training, team management skills and evolved projects, but based on the development of technological products.

Among the most relevant competencies for 2025, according to the World Economic Forum, are, in addition to analytical and innovative thinking, the use, monitoring and control of technology, as well as its design and programming.

Nebrija Business & Technology School Pillars

Nebrija Business & Technology School wants to train the digital leaders of the future by combining best management practices and innovation, based on data and technology, through experiential programs generating profiles aligned with current and future market needs.

Our academic approach is based on the following five pillars:

  • Business Fundamentals, which responds to the needs of traditional business management and its functional areas (marketing, finance, resources, human resources, etc.).
  • Business Analytics, both from the point of view of management and execution and implementation in the different functional areas of the company.
  • Technology and Innovation, knowledge of the main existing and exponential technologies, as well as the main challenges and opportunities in their use, implementation and integration with existing processes and people. This is framed within the scope of the management and execution of innovation projects in organizations.
  • Change Management and Sustainability, which incorporates the new leadership needs within companies, leveraging the importance of sustainability, as well as the management of projects and multidisciplinary teams to be able to manage the functional areas of evolved (or digitally transformed) companies.
  • Entrepreneurship, understood as the ability to launch and execute new initiatives within and outside companies that have a strong technological character.

Student’s Experience

Our faculty combines outstanding professional experience with top-notch academic quality. On top of that, students participate in a diverse competitive environment where they learn real live business situations and how to figure out through teamwork. Once they complete the official program, students have the chance to stay a week at University of California, Berkeley or Babson College, Boston to further extend their training with visits and workshops with leader technology companies, startups, and potential investors: they will be ready to lead the digital world.

Nebrija Business & Technology School in Aula 2023

Great meeting day with all the students of the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) of Universidad Nebrija in Bogotá, Colombia

Congratulations and good luck for this important step in your Post graduate studies.

I do not want to forget our students in the Dominican Republic and Spain, who have shared a day with Nebrija Directors and Professors, sharing passion for teaching and academic excellence.

Finally, I would like to thank our coworkers from all the countries involved for their hard work, as they are an indispensable part of making this project a reality.


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