Nebrija Residences

Nebrija ResidencesClarify your doubts: Frequently Asked Questions

What is accommodation per academic year?

Accommodation per academic year is that offered in any of our university residences during the school year, which can be contracted in one of these two periods: the flexible one, or from October to June. The flexible period comprises nine monthly payments. It begins on the day of September in which the resident enters the center and will end that same day of the month of June of the following year. The period from October to June comprises nine monthly payments. It begins on October 1 and ends on June 30 of the following year. Residents who contract an academic year can extend their stay during the summer months by requesting it from the Management of their center, and they will attend to their request if possible, depending on the availability of places in the residence at that time.

What is temporary accommodation?

It is accommodation for periods less than the full academic year. The stay can occur within the full academic year, on a limited basis over a few days or weeks.

What is the difference between summer accommodation and temporary accommodation?

Summer accommodation occurs in June and July. The residents housed correspond to numerous national and international study programs. Temporary accommodation occurs during the academic year period, on a limited basis for a few days or weeks. The people housed belong to the academic world or are relatives or friends of residents.

What is study abroad accommodation?

It is the accommodation designed for international students. The stays contracted in this case can be for a four-month term, a semester or the full academic year.

Can I move from one accommodation to another?

Changing university residence will depend on the availability of places in the new accommodation. When a renewal is requested, the residents who have first lived there that year have the right; then residents of other Nebrija Residences accommodation. During the academic year, it is difficult to transfer from one residence to another as it depends on the number of vacancies.

Can I bring my own bed and bath linens?

Nebrija Residences gives all residents bed and bath linen so it is not necessary to bring it from home. Even so, if you want to bring your own sheets and towels, the resident will be in charge of washing, drying and ironing them through the self-service laundry and of making the bed later.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

The residences are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, however, the arrival of residents is registered from 00:00 on weekdays and from 04:00 on weekends and the eve of holidays. Although you can return at any time, the latest time residents are allowed to leave the residence is 00.00 hours in order to maintain other residents’ peace and rest.

Can the pre-registration be refunded?

The pre-registration fee will only be reimbursed to those candidates who have not obtained a place at Nebrija Residences, or have not been formally admitted to the Antonio de Nebrija University or to the destination teaching center of the Community of Madrid, prior written justification of said circumstance.

When can I apply for a place in the university residences?

Places can be requested whenever you want. Applications for the following year's academic year usually begin in January. It is recommended that you have already contacted us in advance to inform yourself of the admission process and send the application for admission with the required documentation to set an interview date.

When does the place reservation period end?

There is no deadline, since it depends on when all the places are filled.
Experience tells us that finding a single room in May is complicated, and that getting a place in the residences from June onwards is difficult.
However, even if places are full, we always recommend that you contact us since cancellations may occur until before the start of the academic year.

Can I request a place throughout the academic year?

When there is a free place in the university residences, we contact those who have communicated their interest in coming to the residence at any time of the year. For this reason, we recommend that, regardless of whether you do not get a place to start the academic year, you stay in touch with us because there may always be some availability.

What is the profile of the residents?

Our residents are committed to their studies and academic obligations, they are respectful with their classmates, with the study environment and with the common spaces. They have a strong spirit of coexistence, are proactive and enjoy activities and projects that allow them to interact with others.

How is a place renewed?

In the month of April, we ask all residents to inform us of their desire to renew, or not, the place they have through the renewal application form. Those who wish to renew must submit the form together with the academic year grades to assess the suitability of their renewal. Apart from the academic record, other aspects are valued, such as the behavior throughout the academic year and coexistence.

Are the activities carried out by Nebrija Residences compulsory?

Our activities are not compulsory; however, they are highly recommended since they promote good coexistence among all residents, they are a complement to the teaching activity carried out in universities and they ensure that the residence experience is complete. They are always programmed according to the tastes and interests of the residents and their academic calendar.