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Former Residents Presentation of the Former Residents Club Feb. 10

 Former residents who are members will be able to enjoy various benefits.

Nebrija Residences hosted on Friday, February 10, 2017 the presentation of the Former Residents Club, with the aim of providing information about the official launch of said club, publicizing its structure, characteristics and benefits, as well as generating a new meeting space for former residents.

Susana Castroverde, director of Nebrija Residences, inaugurated the event and welcomed the former residents to this presentation of the new club. For his part, Antonio Porro, president of the Club, presented its structure and objectives and assured that Nebrija Residences has been, is and will be the home of all residents and former residents, so the club is a good opportunity to have a meeting space.

The presentation day also featured the participation of José Antonio Aldama, vice president of the Club, Andrea Beltrán and Julio Roldán, as members of the club.

And in order to know all the details about fees and registrations, Alba Yuste, from the Nebrija Residences team, clarified any questions about this, as well as talked about the benefits of registering in the club. Among other benefits, the use of the Nebrija Residences facilities for studying, advantages in renting of the Nebrija Residences service spaces for carrying out activities, advantages in permanent or temporary accommodation, and discounts in the use of Nebrija Residences catering services.

In addition, the club offers benefits in the field of training, with exclusive offers of training activities and access to the general offer of training activities offered by Nebrija Residences.

Club members will also be able to access exclusive offers of activities focused on the professional field, access to the Nebrija Residences LinkedIn group and recreational, cultural and social activities.

Photos of the Event

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