Former residents, Nebrija Residences

Former Residents Mentoring Sessions at Nebrija Residences

The Former Residents Club of Nebrija Residences organized a mentoring program from April 17 to 19, 2018 as an activity prior to the 9th Graduation Ceremony.

Throughout these sessions, presented for the first time and scheduled to encompass different work fields, former residents shared their professional experience, advice and recommendations to current residents to guide them in their professional future.

Antonio Porro, president of the Former Residents Club, was in charge of the opening of this new program and took the opportunity to highlight the work of the Club in scheduling activities that promote the educational and professional training of current residents.

The session on Tuesday 17 focused on the field of medicine and was given by Doctor Prashim Rostami, who currently performs his duties as an assistant to the emergency service of the Jiménez Díaz Foundation. Prashim maintained an open dialogue with the attendees during which he resolved the various questions about how to face a professional career in the field of medicine and what lies beyond university studies. At the same time, he transmitted to the residents the passion necessary to practice this profession.

On Wednesday 18, the session dedicated to the field of engineering was held by Alfonso Parra, Senior Expert Engineer at INECO and specialized in the Area of Railway Projects. Alfonso shared with the residents the personal experience of working in a professional engineering career for more than 20 years. He highlighted the convergence of the different branches of engineering in common projects, the importance of working and generating dynamic teams and the weight of personal preparation to face international projects.

The last session was held on Thursday 19 and was aimed at the banking sector. The speaker in charge of the talk was former resident José Antonio Aldama, current Head of Investor Services Spain at Deutsche Bank. José Antonio delved into the common internal departmental structure in the banking sector and the job opportunities offered by each of them, resolving the attendees' questions about how to face the transition from their university period to the labor market.

Photos of the Event

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