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Former Residents 2nd Meeting of Former Residents

Nebrija Residences has commemorated the 50 years of Augustinus-Nebrija -the building that now houses its headquarters- as a student residence hall with the opening of a retrospective exhibition of its entire journey within the framework of the 2nd Meeting of Former Residents.

On Saturday, November 25, 2017, the Augustinus-Nebrija Residence held the 2nd Meeting of Former Residents, an event organized by Nebrija Residences and the Former Residents Club in order to keep alive the bond between former residents and the institution. On this occasion, the main reason for the event was the inauguration of the exhibition "50 years of the RUA-N", a retrospective in which attendees were able to experience an emotional journey through the entire history of this emblematic student residence. from its foundation and management at the hands of the Order of Agustinos Recoletos to the present, under the management of Nebrija Residences.

Father Antonio Calvo, director of the institution from 1994 to 2000, gave an introduction about the origins of the building, its construction and its first years as a university residence in the heart of Madrid.

Father Marciano Santervás, last director of the institution under the order of Agustinos Recoletos, reviewed his years as director, highlighting the importance, at that time, of laying the foundations of an educational project for residents and the modernization of the services offered.

Susana Castroverde, current director of Nebrija Residences, conveyed to the attendees the important challenge for Nebrija University to take on this new line of expansion and what it has meant for her to be at the forefront of the project for 13 years.

Antonio Porro, president of the Former Residents Club highlighted the value of the Club as a means and tool to continue fostering the bond between former residents, current residents and the institution.

José Antonio Aldama, vice president of the Former Residents Club, thanked the attendees prior to 2004 for the work they are doing by contacting all those former residents of the early years.

After the introduction, the exhibition installed in the conference room was inaugurated. It can be visited throughout the 2017-2018 academic year.

Photos of the Event

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