Admissions, Nebrija Residences

Reserve a place: Nebrija Residences Academic year 2024-2025

The full-year stay is designed for both undergraduate and postgraduate students who plan to reside throughout the academic year, spanning 9 months. Extensions to the stay period are permissible if required.

1. Fill out the Online Admission Application Form and register on the ADMISSIONS/RESERVATIONS PORTAL.

After registration, complete the following:

  • 1. Attach your academic record.
  • 2. Fill out the personal questionnaire.
  • 3. Select a day and time for your personal online interview.

2. We will contact you.

Upon receiving your admission application, we will contact you to address any queries and provide follow-up.

3. Pre-register.

Upon notification of successful completion of the admission process, pay the pre-registration fee to secure a spot in the candidate list for available positions.

4. Finalize the Reservation.

In late April, a written notification will inform you of the final allocation of your place, assigned based on the pre-registration payment date. Instructions for formalizing the reservation, including paying the amount equivalent to one month's payment and submitting requested documentation, will be provided.

If you commence your admission process in May and we still have available spots, upon admission, secure your place by making a single payment for the pre-registration and the equivalent of one month's payment.

Please note: The pre-registration and monthly payment amounts will only be refunded to candidates who have not secured a place in Nebrija Residences or have not been formally admitted to any study center in the Community of Madrid. This requires prior written justification for such circumstances.

Our reservation process in a few simple steps:

Proceso de reserva