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Management Development Program: Women Engineers and Directors

Accelerator program for the professional and transformational career of Women Engineers to facilitate their access to positions of responsibility
Management Development Program: Women Engineers and Directors Management Development Program: Women Engineers and Directors
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Program: Management Development Program: Women Engineers and Directors

The data is compelling

In Spain, we have 54% of female university graduates; Of these, 24.8% are engineers and architects, 34% are in management positions and 16% are in senior management. When we go up the pyramid, the percentage decreases. Additionally, according to data from the CNMV, only 27% are directors of IBEX 35 companies.

If the data at the base of the pyramid is low and decreases as it rises, we need to create acceleration tools to reach a real advance.

The Management Development Program for Women Engineers and Directors focuses on the current reality: we work and move in all facets of our lives in a VUCA environment (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous), and we live a technological revolution based on the transition to systems built on digital infrastructures. In this situation, female engineers have better undergraduate training to take on management positions in the current digital and technological environment. However, due to the different skills that we acquire in our childhood and adolescence, female engineers need to reinforce some of them so that a necessary change in attitude takes place, such as self-confidence, leadership, personal brand, teamwork… That is, they need to enhance all those skills that will help them be visible within their organization.

Program sponsor


The Talgo Foundation has decided to support and actively collaborate in the Management Program for Women Engineers and Directors since:

  • It is a novel program.
  • It will help complement Talgo's internal training program and further reinforce gender equality.
  • It will be part of the Internal Promotion strategy, further promoting the professional career of the participants.
  • It will retain and attract Talent.
  • It will improve the work environment.
  • It will foster pride of belonging.
  • It will motivate performance on a day-to-day basis.
  • It will improve us, in view of society and of our competitors.
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They need to acquire management knowledge that allows them to have a global vision of the business and the latest management techniques and advanced technologies and data strategy for growth or better decision-making in digital disruption.

The Program is fully compatible with one's professional activity as its format guarantees the monitoring and achievement of this transformation process.

Additionally, this program wants to change the reality of this lack of female references and specific management strategies for female engineers, including a Masterclass of Female Engineers in Senior Management from the participating companies.

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A unique program that is compatible with a professional activity and specific for women engineers to access Senior Management roles of companies

Executive, digital and business management competences

The program equips the participant with the managerial, digital and conscious and responsible business management skills to be able to access a management position in a short period of time.

The program makes a contribution to the company's sustainability strategy and the 2030 Agenda It contributes to three SDGs:

  • SDG 5 "Achieve Gender Equality and Empower Women and Girls".
  • SDG 4 "Provide Quality Education".
  • SDG 17 "Alliances to achieve objectives", in this case, the participation of engineers from different companies with the same objective.
Individual coaching process for each participant

Nebrija University will make a coaching expert available to each participant to help focus the directive ability of the participants. For each participant, the areas for improvement will be marked and a personal plan will be established with the monitoring of the expert.

Masterclass of Senior Management Engineers from the participating Companies

There are other training programs for the promotion of Women to Management, but none specific to women engineers, it is a proposal of value .

The Program is fully compatible with a professional activity, since it has a format that guarantees the monitoring and achievement of this transformation process.

Likewise, this program wants to change the reality of the lack of female references and of specific management strategies for female engineers, including Masterclasses by Women Engineers of the Senior Management of the participating companies.

A network of women engineers, who will in the future be references, will be created to share experiences, and as business managers they will create the necessary conditions for there to be real progress towards equal opportunities and the distribution of talent in organizations.


Main objective The objective of this training course is to encourage women engineers from different companies to assume managerial responsibilities of any type and dimension, with a multidisciplinary training perspective, strengthening the concepts of commitment, effort and responsibility and providing them with a global vision of the company, immersed in a time of digital revolution.

Specific objectives 1. Facilitate the acquisition and development of managerial skills and abilities for practical application, to generate conscious and responsible leadership and management knowledge that allows them to identify the specific needs of the organization and offer accurate diagnoses and valid solutions. Among the skills that are strengthened are self-confidence, leadership, teamwork, public presentations... enhancing all those skills that will help them be visible within their organization and, very specifically, personal brand, in which they are taught to draw up a structured strategy that allows them to bring out the best of themselves and to show it to others.

2. Enrich personal and professional development, enhancing teamwork and interrelation between the participants. Sharing personal experiences and observing that other women engineers in similar positions in different sectors are in a situation very similar to one's own strengthens the identification and cohesion of the group. "I am not alone" is worked on, generating greater self-confidence.

3. Focus on the strategic vision and find patterns and trends to understand the key role of technology in the company and society of the future, understanding the keys to these changes as a result of technological disruption. In the same way, the focus is placed on innovation and creativity, as essential axes for the generation of opportunities, the design of improvements and knowledge in detail of how the businesses of the different sectors of the economy are being transformed.

4. Establish contact with women engineers with high potential in positions close to management and who in the short future may carry out positions of responsibility in companies, enriching themselves by sharing, as well as knowing and learning from leading engineers in Senior Management positions with those who will reflect on the new management styles aimed at improving their results and change, and also on the different leadership styles. Women are generous leaders, who know how to control their stress and that of the organization; they are adaptive leaders, capable of seeing different realities and adapting to the context, we are more intuitive and emotionally intelligent; they are group leaders who achieve active team commitment, work communication and influence their team.

5. Demystify the limitations of the family environment: it is possible to reconcile and make it compatible with a director's role. We women place our own limitations on ourselves, many of us do not want to access positions of responsibility because we think that we will have to take time away from our family and dedicate informal time to work as an investment, such as going out to dinner with clients. Today, when change directs our lives, we must know that there are new styles of leadership that are different from the old ones and that these are possible. The leading women engineers included in the Program show us this.


Facilitate the acquisition and development of managerial skills and abilities for practical application.

Strengthen all the managerial skills in women necessary for management: self-confidence, personal brand, teamwork...

Learn to lead in today's digital and technological environment.

Promote personal and professional development.

Train to learn other possible leadership styles.

Train for the transformation and management of personal change.

Prepare to be on the succession list of company management positions.

Demystify the limitations of the family environment.


The student must take 284 hours (62 face-to-face, 222 Online)

Module in Operational Management 176 H.

  • MARKETING MANAGEMENT 4h. face-to-face + 20h. online
  • FINANCIAL ANALYSIS AND MANAGEMENT CONTROL 4h. face-to-face + 20h. online
  • OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE 8h. face-to-face + 16h. online
  • SUSTAINABLE COMPANY STRATEGY 4h. face-to-face + 16h. online
  • GOVERNANCE AND CSR 8h. online

Skills for the Future: Digital Skills 68 H.

  • DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION 4h. face-to-face
  • DATA-BASED STRATEGY 16h. online
  • IA FOR EXECUTIVES 4h. online
  • DIGITAL MARKETING 16 h. online

Skills for the Future: Leaderships Skills 32 H.

  • TEAM WORK 4h. face-to-face
  • TIME MANAGEMENT 4h. face-to-face
  • NEGOTIATION TECHNIQUES 4h. face-to-face
  • PERSONAL BRAND 4h. face-to-face
  • EFFECTIVE PRESENTATIONS 4h. face-to-face

References & Best Practices 8 H.

  • Coaching process for each participant

  • Objective
  • Develop the potential of the participants in a structured and efficient method
  • Address situations of development of personal and professional potential
  • Focus the leadership ability of the participants
  • Establish areas for improvement and personal development plan

  • Contents
  • Description of the desired situation (objective)
  • Description of the current situation (area of improvement or difficulty)
  • Options and resources map (generation and selection)
  • Action plan (specific action plan)
  • Results (control and monitoring)


MP Maria Luisa Poncela José Aguilar Jose Aguilar CV Consuelo Verdú AJ Adolfo Jiménez Requillo AR Antonio Rodríguez Furones MC Mariví Campos Aría Teresa María Teresa González Mac Dowell
TC Tamara Codón Varona Carlos Cuervo Carlos Cuervo Arango Jorge Colvin Jorge Colvín Díez Víctor Conde Salazar Manuel Trenado Manuel Trenado Torrejón Elena López Helena López-Casares Pertusa


Starts on September 20 Duration: 284h | 222h online + 62h face-to-face (6 months long with weeks off)

Program taught for 6 months with weeks off and August off as well. Blended Learning Methodology.

3 periods of face-to-face immersion on Thursday and Friday and Saturday morning: 21 hours each.

Organizational characteristics of the proposed format

  • Optimization of face-to-face time.
  • It favors women reconciling their family and professional life.
  • Promotion of feedback.
  • Monitoring and mediation of the faculty and speakers.


The program will prepare you to be on the short list of your company's succession and, where appropriate, access a management position.