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Scholarships and Grants Grants for Postgraduate Studies

Aimed at:

New graduate students.


For the concession of grants to study, it is necessary to meet a series of academic and economic requirements, therefore it is necessary to submit the documentation that is listed below.

Required documentation:

  • Filling out the scholarship and study grant application form.
  • Photocopy of the official academic record in which the final grade of the last studies taken is shown.
  • Photocopy of the declaration of income presented by the parents or guardian, corresponding to the last fiscal year*. In case of not being obliged to present the income statement, you must provide a responsible declaration of not having to make it and a certificate of assets or document that reflects the income obtained. If you are a self-employed worker, the last four quarterly VAT declarations or the annual summary and payments on account of the PIT for the corresponding year.
  • Referral or certificate of registration of residency of the family unit.

* In case of not having the declaration of income for the year prior to the year of application, you may request the completion of a previous study, presenting the income statement prior to the one required, and its resolution is conditioned to the subsequent submission of the declaration that was originally requested.

Request Information of Scholarships

Request Information of Scholarships

For more information, send application and documents to:

Scholarships and study grants section

For new students accessing the University: [email protected]

For international students: [email protected]

Telephone:  900 321 322

For upperclassmen/women: [email protected]

Telephone:  91 452 11 22

Campus de la Berzosa, s/n
28240 Hoyo de Manzanares Madrid.

Scholarship duration:

Scholarships are granted only for one academic year and must be requested again if you want to renew them.