Postgraduate Studies
Nebrija Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and Grants Grants for Postgraduate Studies

Nebrija University is launching a scholarship and study grant program for postgraduate students that seeks to promote talent, aptitudes and abilities in their professional life, and allows them to reach the maximum degree of specialization regardless of their economic condition.

In the case of Postgraduate students, in order to receive a study grant they may consult with the Academic Advisors who manage their admission. Taking into account the candidates' enrollment periods and their personal circumstances, the grant will be assigned to the corresponding degree that will be studied.

Solicita información de Becas de Postgrado

Alumni Scholarships for students - ITG Auditores (granted by ITG Auditores)

The Antonio de Nebrija Foundation and ITG Auditores, with the aim of promoting the personal and professional development of students in the Master's degree in Business Administration<, are launching a scholarship program to promote the personal and professional development of all students with equal conditions.

ITG Auditores is a company specialized in auditing and tax advisory services, and was created by a Nebrija University alumnus who, in order to promote educational development and to give back to the University, offers this type of Scholarship.

Scholarships for the following face-to-face programs:

  • Master's Degree in Business Internationalization.
  • Master's Degree in Global Business Management, both face-to-face.

Requirements to apply for the scholarship:

  • Academic requirement: have an average of at least 7.0 in all the subjects of their previous degree.
  • Economic requirement: the income per member of the family unit must not exceed the established limit of €27,000, in the case of families residing outside the CAM, and €23,000 in the event that the family residence is located within the CAM.