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The Nebrija Research Chairs are a paradigm of cooperation between the University and other organizations, which promote access to and the generation of knowledge, and its transfer to the productive sector and to society in general.

The academic programs, research groups, research projects, scientific production, and doctoral theses of each research area make up an ecosystem in which the chair encourages intense activity of knowledge generation and transfer.

Specifically, the Nebrija-Santander Chairs represent an alliance between Nebrija University and Banco Santander, which allows for further research and the University's social involvement. The chairs are dedicated to strategic areas aimed at solving the current challenges of our society, in which Nebrija has a proven research and teaching tradition.

What is a Nebrija Research Chair?

A stable structure over time that promotes, supports and drives transfer, training and dissemination actions in a specific research area.

  • It is based on one of the strategic research areas of the university, promoting University-Business-Society relations in the field of research and innovation.
  • It has the sponsorship and commitment of a reference company or institution.
  • It is directed by a reference expert and aligned with the university's research groups and academic programs.

1st edition of the Awards for the best Final Bachelor’s Degree Research Projects

Nebrija University and Banco Santander convene the 1st edition of the Awards for the best Final Bachelor's Research Projects presented in any academic discipline oriented to the thematic lines of Nebrija-Santander research chairs.

Resolution 2019/20 Call Awards

Next, the awarded works in each category are detailed, endowed with a prize of 1,000 euros.

The Nebrija-Santander Global Chair on Spanish as a Language for Migrants and Refugees, awards its FRP Award to Mario del Campo del Prado, for his project: " Proyecto Didáctico de Artes Escénicas: el trabajo con Teatro Aplicado para la justicia social, la interculturalidad y la creación teatral colectiva", defended at Universidad Antonio de Nebrija. El jurado ha destacado de este trabajo su relación directa con el objetivo principal de la cátedra (contribuir a la mejora en la atención lingüística y social de migrantes y refugiados desde la sociedad de acogida) y los proyectos que se desarrollan en el marco de los enfoques performativos en la enseñanza de Lenguas.

The Nebrija-Santander Global Chair on Risk and Conflict Management awards its FRP Award to Lara Mínguez Zafrilla, for her project: " El Conflicto entre China y Tíbet: Orígenes, Evolución y Consecuencias", defended at Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio. El jurado ha destacado de este trabajo su adecuación a las líneas de trabajo de la cátedra (el estudio interdisciplinar de riesgos y conflictos de diversa índole), así como su rigurosidad metodológica y la actualidad y vigencia del tema que aborda.

The Nebrija-Santander Global Chair on Business Internationalization awards its FRP Award to Carolina Calatayud Galiana, for her project: " New Destination of the Global Value Chains: the East of Africa", defended at Universidad de Valencia. El jurado ha destacado la solidez de este trabajo, la actualidad del tema (África y las cadenas globales) y su rigurosidad metodológica. Se trata además de un trabajo escrito enteramente en inglés.

The Nebrija-Santander Global Chair on Energy Recovery in Surface Transport awards its FRP Award to Marco Casale Nieto, for his project: " Desarrollo de metodología de ensayos dinámicos y adquisición “low-cost” para vehículos automóviles", defended at Universidad Antonio de Nebrija. El jurado ha destacado de este trabajo su alineamiento con las líneas de la cátedra, pues plantea el desarrollo de una metodología de adquisición de datos y ensayos para automóviles; la estructura y organización, así como su originalidad, con una apreciable labor propia de codificación.

Bases of the 2019/2020 Call

Modalities and awards

  • Award for the best Final Research Project in Business Internationalization: 1.000 euros.
  • Award for the best Final Research Project in Conflict Management and Resolution: 1.000 euros.
  • Award for the best Final Research Project in Teaching Spanish as a Language for Migrants and Refugees: 1.000 euros.
  • Award for the best Final Research Project in Energy Recovery in Transportation: 1.000 euros.


FRPs may be presented if prepared and defended by students of any university, public or private, national or foreign, from January 2018 to December 2019, in Spanish and English, and if they have obtained a minimum grade of SOBRESALIENTE (DISTINCTION).


  • A PDF copy of the FRP that is submitted to the call with the personal information (name and surname) of the author of the work and the tutor.
  • A PDF copy of the anonymous FRP, that is, in which the name of the person who prepared it or of the person who has tutored it does not appear.
  • Copy of Curriculum Vitae.
  • Copy of accreditation of the grade obtained.
  • Annex I filled out

For processing the applications, those in which any of the documents mentioned in this section are missing will not be taken into account.

Deadline and submission of applications

The deadline for submitting applications ranges from the publication of these rules until 04/20/2020, included. The projects will be presented through the Banco Santander Scholarship portal

Complete bases

Consult complete bases in PDF format

What are the objectives of the Nebrija Research Chairs?

Promote activities in the university and R+D+i fields

  • Organization and participation in specialized national and international conferences.
  • Design of training activities on the chair's subject for bachelor's and postgraduate students of the university.
  • Interaction with researchers and research groups of related interests.

Guide priority research lines towards the challenges of the H2020 program and the lines of the National R+D+i Plan

  • Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies
  • Ecological and efficient transportation
  • Industrial leadership
  • Secure companies

Lead projects with value and social commitment

  • Learning Spanish for immigrant workers
  • Family business and entrepreneurs
  • Efficient and non-polluting transportation
  • Security and conflict management

Promote dissemination activities aimed at the general public on the results and studies carried out by the chair team and research groups

  • Publication of books and book chapters in first-rate publishers.
  • Presentation of publications in reference environments linked to the chair's thematic line
  • Organization and participation in conferences and forums.
  • Publications in professional and widely disseminated media.