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Nebrija University has set, as one of its fundamental objectives within its 2022-2028 strategic plan: "to provide and develop a stable and interdisciplinary environment for research." Therefore, the University plans to implement various initiatives to promote the recruitment and retention of (national and international) talent through a professional research career comparable to the international environment.

The University develops initiatives to make it easier for doctoral students and researchers at the beginning of their career to find a specific framework for collaboration so that those with a greater vocation can join our project. In this sense, and with a view to attracting and retaining young professors from the international academic field, vacancies are being announced to encourage young "tenure track" (*) research professors to obtain tenure.

These positions are aimed at candidates with an excellent research profile and are characterized by a probationary period after which either the professor is offered a permanent position (“tenure”), or the relationship is terminated.

(*) The tenure-track professor contract allows them to start a professional academic career leading to a permanent contract. It ensures the professor the possibility of applying for a permanent position (A3 tenured professor) if the year prior to the end of the contract they have met the previously defined evaluation criteria, but it does not guarantee permanence at the university if the established criteria have not been met.


This proposal is directed at young researchers, establishing a process of strengthening the faculty with two main objectives:

  • 1. The internationalization of the teaching staff
  • 2. Teaching and research excellence


The academic career of the professors-researchers at Nebrija in the "tenure track" program contemplates the following categories:

  • Ph.D. Assistant Professor in the tenure track period (Assistant professor), equivalent to the category (Ph.D. Assistant Professor A4) included in the document "Professional career and personal development" of the Antonio de Nebrija University.
  • Associate Research Professor (Associated Professor), , equivalent to the category (Associate A3) included in the document "Professional career and personal development" of the Antonio de Nebrija University.
  • Research Full Professor (Research Full Professor), equivalent to the category (Full A2) included in the document "Professional career and personal development" of the Antonio de Nebrija University.

Periods and posting of vacancies

For professor-researchers hired under the "tenure track" scheme, an initial period of 3 years will be set, and can later be extended after an evaluation of the first period, to 3 additional years, until they complete 6 years, in line with international standards.

The vacancies will be published by the HR portal in the academic offers section.

More detailed information on the research career program.