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New Students

Every year, the Admissions Department of Nebrija University undertakes the task of selecting, among all the admission applications received, the candidates that show the greatest potential for academic and professional development.

We are looking for committed, innovative, optimistic candidates who are motivated about their future. Candidates that have vital and intellectual ambition. That love learning by doing. If you think you can be one of our students, we encourage you to start your registration.

Academic Orientation

We know how difficult it is to choose your professional future, and for that reason, at Nebrija University you have the help of a team of professionals who will guide you in everything related to degrees so that you are certain of your choice.
You can request an appointment with the university advisers by calling 900 321 322 or by writing to informa@nebrija.es

All information about admission to our programs

Steps to follow to start studying at Nebrija