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Continuous Training

Área de Administración de Empresas

Business Administration Area

Security Area

  • SOON:
  • Course in POR, Fire Safety and Civil Protection
  • Course in Public Security and National Defense
  • Course in Deontology of Security and Defense Professionals
  • Course in Private Security: regulations
  • Course in Alternative Methods in Conflict Resolution
  • Course in physical, logical, electronic and people security
  • Course in Interrogation, testimony and expert's report
  • Course in EU judicial and police cooperation
  • Course in Security and Defense Policies
  • Course in Criminal Anthropology

Área de Educación

Education Area

Área de Lenguas

Language Area

  • SOON:
  • Strategic competence in learning foreign languages
  • Mobile and ubiquitous learning: Apps for education
  • Content creation and digital resource management