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Expert Degree in

Tourism Innovation and Intelligence

Amplía información Expert Degree in Tourism Innovation and Intelligence Expert Degree in Tourism Innovation and Intelligence
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Expert Degree in Tourism Innovation and Intelligence

The main objective of the Program is to contribute to the competitive improvement of the tourism sector

In view of the new era of tourism that we are facing, which implies a change in the tourism model towards innovation, specialized training in tourism innovation and intelligence is necessary for tourism companies and professionals to launch innovative projects and become the main actors in the development of the tourism sector.

Innovation is essential for companies to improve their processes, increase their competitiveness and efficiently market their products and services in order to satisfy the needs of customers, improving their experience and reaching higher levels of profitability.

On the other hand, intelligence is opening up an infinity of possibilities to understand human behavior and to help identify, more accurately, the opportunities that a company faces in order to focus processes towards greater performance, with a level of more precise adaptation, thus improving the results of the business models that support tourism. It covers destinations, technological infrastructure and models based on artificial intelligence.


  • Sustainable tourism and its evolution
  • Fundamental concepts of CSR in Company Policy
  • Strategic integration: new intangible competitive advantages
  • Strategic management of Stakeholders
  • Ethics and management by values
  • Governance of the organizational culture
  • Responsible management of the value chain and circular economy
  • Corporate Governance and Accountability
  • Business communication and Corporate Reputation

Course program

Curriculum 21 ECTS

  • First Semester 6 ECTS
  • 6 ECTS | Social responsibility

  • Second Semester 15 ECTS
  • 6 ECTS | Project design
  • 3 ECTS | Innovation Management
  • 3 ECTS | Digital transformation
  • 3 ECTS | Tourist destinations