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Prof. Dr. José Muñiz Prof. Dr. José Muñiz Rector of the
Nebrija University

"I welcome you to our virtual home, Nebrija University’s website. Feel free to explore all its corners, to look into all the details, and if you have any questions or require more information, get in touch with any of us in the Nebrija Community. We are all happy to help with whatever you need, and we will be happy to do so. From this moment on, you are invited to be part of our exciting academic project of university life, at our rigorous and welcoming University.

I will briefly comment on some complementary aspects of the information on the website itself and all the information available on the internet. The first thing is that Nebrija University has a very clear mission: to educate university professionals and people capable of having a full life, that is, to offer a successful university education, with quality and rigor.

We are meticulous in the technical and professional education of our students, that is not negotiable; they must know their professional field in depth and be up to date in the practical demands of the profession. But we don’t stop there, we add other transversal skills and personal values that will allow you to fulfill yourselves and get the most out of your university experience and academic knowledge, in order to give back to your families and society a bit of everything that you have received.

We are committed to a comprehensive university education, which brings together specialized professional knowledge with a whole series of values that grant people full autonomy and make Nebrija the university of reference in personal education. Values such as commitment, responsibility, teamwork, effort, the desire to continue learning, enthusiasm, optimism, humility, innovation, simplicity and resilience, to name just a few, will always be on our agenda, they will be our currency. This philosophy has given us very good results. We are already one of the Spanish universities with the best employment rates for its undergraduate and postgraduate students and with the highest scores in teaching performance.

As a future student at Nebrija University, the most important thing I can tell you right now is that to have the courage and energy to pursue your goals, your dreams. Think big! If you do, you will find at Nebrija University an ecosystem favorable to your interests and projects, whatever they may be. It's up to you. Our professors and the entire University will be there with all their knowledge, understanding, affection, rigor and availability to help you, advise you and guide you professionally."

Prof. Dr. Manuel Villa Cellino Prof. Dr. Manuel Villa-Cellino President of the
Antonio de Nebrija Foundation

"Antonio de Nebrija University has followed a path of growth in quality, relevance and size since its authorization by Law 23/1995, of July 17 (BOE of July 18). These twenty-three years of academic experience have made us a university loved and appreciated by all the members of the National University Community and by part of the wide international university world.

Our current challenge is to drive this dynamic national and international activity of the Foundation and the University for those who are going to join our academic reality, because they are or will in the future be students of its various degrees, or candidates in its Master's degrees and Doctorate programs, or because they belong to one of the numerous Institutions, Universities and Companies that are usually associated with the university.

The different epigraphs of the electronic pages and the interactive website are a brief overview of our University’s reality, always attractive and personalized. Dive into its content to discover your specific interests and to share with us the path of intellectual rigor and personal education that is the essence of the institutions and people dedicated to generating, transmitting and sharing knowledge in the sizeable areas of Languages and Education, Communication and Arts, Social Sciences, Engineering, Architecture and Health Sciences.

This "website" is made with the same dedication to quality in daily work that has given us so many fruits in the past. The links of this University "website", with the particular pages of the Antonio de Nebrija Foundation, the Nebrija Institutes and the Nebrija Residences, allow one to know of many of the services, aids, scholarships and professional opportunities that are important for our students.

All the Departments and Institutions of the University are at the service of the best and fastest personal, professional and human development of the chosen youth that is incorporated annually into our classrooms. I encourage all of you, students, professors and staff of the University, to continue promoting this beautiful academic reality with your dedication to university education within the Spanish, European and international society.

My congratulations to all those who participate in its preparation, to those who have written, corrected and laid out its pages, and I extend this congratulations to those who choose Antonio de Nebrija University as "their University", to be educated in a privileged environment and join the challenges of this exemplary University Community".

What sets Nebrija University apart?

  • Employability and orientation towards the profession, with internships in companies and institutions for 100% of the students.
  • Academic Excellence with personalized teaching in small groups, the closeness between teachers and students and the meeting of relevant people from the academic and professional world.
  • Internationalization with bilingualism of international students in Madrid and with programs abroad, one of the essential experiences before finishing the studies.
  • Pedagogical innovation with spaces of knowledge and employment to be creative, enterprising and interact in the university with all sectors, such as that of automobile, performing arts, international relations, communication, etc.

Since its creation, Nebrija University has maintained the differentiating values of its educational model, based on quality teaching and on research as knowledge creation, with comprehensive training in the skills, competences and abilities of all its students. These are key principles to achieve the development of individual talent and the best opportunities for professional integration.

Our philosophy is to learn by doing, which becomes a unique university experience. It is a vital experience in the transformation of the student towards global knowledge, in order to star and lead the changes in which he/she is immersed. The "Nebrija" student focuses on the construction of knowledge for the life's important challenges.

Also, there is a firm commitment between the University and companies for the development of training in professional skills, which guarantees quality internships for the student, in order to achieve his/her ambition to grow in life and intellectually during the university phase.

The Board of Trustees of Nebrija University and the Academic Councils, made up of relevant personalities, link their knowledge and prestige to the study and research programs. Nebrija University students know how to fully articulate their knowledge and skills within the national and international society in which they will carry out their professional skills.

Who was Antonio de Nebrija

Elio Antonio Nebrija was born in Lebrija (Seville) - hence his pseudonym - in 1441. He studied Humanities at the University of Salamanca and continued his philological studies in Bologna, where he interacted with Italian humanism. His teaching began at the University of Salamanca, to which he devoted a large part of his life. Summoned by Cardinal Cisneros, he went to the University of Alcalá to participate in the publishing of the Polyglot Bible, a project he abandoned due to differences with the group of translators. The last years of his life were spent teaching at the University of Alcalá, where he died in 1522.

The illustrious humanist struggled throughout his life to recover the cultured Latin spoken by Cicero and Quintilian and that was being lost in favor of vulgar speech. For this, he based it on the natural method, which started from a good knowledge of the Romance language -the language of the people-, as the best means to avoid losing that cultured Latin.

Among his works the following stand out: Introductiones latinae (1481), Lexicon latino-castellanum et castellano-latinum (1492), Gramática castellana (1492) and Reglas de orthographia en la lengua castellana (1517). Of all of them, the most important, for the repercussion that it has had in Hispanic philology, is that on Castilian Grammar, which is the first codification of a modern language, and whose prologue is dedicated to Queen Isabel the Catholic.

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Grabado: Antonio de Nebrija impartiendo una clase de gramática en presencia de D. Juan de Zúñiga. Introducciones Latinae, 1486. Biblioteca Nacional

Antonio de Nebrija teaching a grammar class in the presence of Juan de Zúñiga. Introducciones Latinae, 1486. National Library.