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The UniversityCampus and Centers

Madrid-Princesa Campus

It is a historic ensemble of Army buildings built in 1906 that housed its Historical Archive.

Campus de Madrid-Princesa

It was established as the main campus of the University, it was transformed and modernized by adapting it to the teaching needs. Currently, the studies that are part of the School of Languages and Education, the School of Communication and Arts, the School of Economics and Business, the School of Law and International Relations and the Higher Polytechnic School are taught here.
The campus is made up of four interconnected buildings and a total of 8,321 square meters.

How to get there Phone number: 91 452 11 03

Life Sciences Campus in La Berzosa

It is located in the natural setting of the Madrid town of Hoyo de Manzanares.

Campus de La Berzosa

Its century-old buildings have been updated to offer laboratories and classrooms outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment. The campus is made up of four teaching buildings and a main building, the former residence of the Ruiz-Giménez family and current headquarters of the Rector's Office. The degrees of the School of Life Sciences are taught at this campus.

How to get there Phone number: 91 452 11 01

Joaquín María López Building

This building is the headquarters of Nebrija Institutes

Joaquín María López

This building is here the Advanced Training Programs, the transversal subjects of the Institute of Professional Competences and the subjects of the Institute of Modern Languages are taught. It also houses the international exchange programs for teaching Spanish as a foreign language. The building has a total of 2,611.53 m2, distributed over six floors.

How to get there Phone number: 91 452 11 52

Virtual Campus

campus virtual
Nebrija's digital platform for teaching subjects, information and collaboration. It is the main channel for programs in eLearning modality and also serves as support for classroom attendance programs.