Why Nebrija Reasons to study at Nebrija

Universidad Nebrija, universidad privada en Madrid, España

Why study at Nebrija


At Nebrija University, we are deeply committed to providing exceptional academic training, with a primary focus on enhancing our students' knowledge and fostering their analytical and judgment capabilities within a global context. To achieve this goal, we collaborate with leading companies in each sector to design our study programs and offer invaluable professional internship opportunities to our students. Furthermore, our curriculum includes interdisciplinary subjects to complement their education, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience. With programs available in four modalities - in-person, online, hybrid, or blended - we strive to accommodate our students' professional and personal commitments while facilitating their educational journey.


Nebrija University is among the Spanish universities offering strong employment prospects for its students. With partnerships with over 4,000 companies and institutions like Santander, BBVA, Repsol, INDRA, Deloitte, Cadena SER, and the Cervantes Institute, Nebrija prioritizes employability. This commitment is acknowledged in top international rankings such as Forbes, U-Ranking, and QS Stars, which emphasize job placement. Additionally, Nebrija offers a Mentor Program with experts and professionals from leading companies and institutions to support students throughout their academic journey.


At Nebrija University, we prepare our students to thrive in a globalized world. Our programs offer diverse language options, including bilingual instruction in Spanish and English, along with opportunities for international study at prestigious universities worldwide through Nebrija's extensive agreements.

With over 72 nationalities represented in our classrooms, our campus fosters an international and multicultural environment in the heart of Madrid.

Additionally, Nebrija maintains international headquarters in Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador, further enhancing our global presence.


Nebrija University distinguishes itself through innovative initiatives such as Nebrija MUN, TEDx UNebrija, NIPHO, ADN, and Nebrija to Dakar. We believe in an experiential learning approach where students engage in real-world projects and interact with industry professionals, enriching their education beyond traditional classroom settings. Through these unique events, students gain invaluable practical experience and develop a deeper understanding of their respective fields.


Our faculty comprises active professionals with extensive industry experience and internationally recognized researchers, all dedicated to fostering innovation. Nebrija University spearheads ambitious collaborative projects, publishes in academic and professional journals, engages in scientific research, and hosts conferences and research seminars.

The Nebrija-Santander and Telefónica-Nebrija research chairs exemplify the partnership between the university and leading companies, aiming to advance research and societal engagement. These chairs focus on strategic areas tackling contemporary societal challenges, leveraging Nebrija's established tradition of research and teaching excellence.