Communication, Nebrija University
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Nebrija University's Communication department is made up of a team of professionals in charge of the planning, implementation and evaluation of the institution's policy and communication strategy. This work aims to unite internal communication, promote the notoriety of the organization and develop a strategic scenario for online corporate reputation.

The internal area seeks the union of the university community, reinforces corporate culture and the transmission of its values. The external dissemination manages the notoriety of the Nebrija brand with the propagation of valuable content towards the media and the rest of its audiences. For its part, the service of expert Nebrija teachers provides professional journalists and bloggers with an authoritative opinion service on issues sensitive to public opinion. The news on the website is the showcase of Nebrija's current affairs and is available to everyone.


For any question, request for information or management of interviews, you can contact the Communication Department through the email address