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We live in a world where everything has a brand. Any entity (and a university like ours is not an exception) needs to differentiate itself, not only through its brand, through its visual identity, but also through its values.

With the new identity we have tried to link Nebrija University's tradition (we celebrate our twentieth anniversary this year) with the innovation of the educational offer and the management model of this institution.

The Nebrija University brand is composed of two fundamental parts:

  • The portrait. Portrait of Antonio de Nebrija who has represented the University since its origins in different versions. In this case, the stroke has been simplified considerably to improve its readability and reproduction quality.
  • The logo. Written representation of the name 'Nebrija University' that accompanies the portrait to make up its complete graphic identity.
  • The color. Both the portrait and the name have black as the main color and the word "university" stands out in red.

The graphics of Nebrija University's corporate symbol is a more current version of Antonio de Nebrija's original portrait, which has served the University as a hallmark since its creation. The shapes have been softened, giving it a more modern style but respecting the identity of the original portrait. The original coat of arms has been removed, and the legend of it has given way to the current logo of the brand.