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The Vice Rector's Office for Research aims to carry out the missions of research and knowledge transfer entrusted to the university institution. Its activity is carried out in four areas: Doctorates, Research Groups, Research Chairs and Library

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The Vice-Rector's Office for Research aims to carry out the research and knowledge transfer missions that are entrusted to university institutions. Its activity is divided into four areas:

  • Doctorates: The Doctoral School is in charge of doctoral programs focusing mainly on:
    • Supervising the verification, monitoring and accreditation of doctoral programs.
    • Mobility and internationalization of doctoral programs.
    • Promoting research excellence through training in research skills for PDI (Teaching and Research Staff) and PhD students.
  • Research groups: The OTRI (Research Results Transfer Office) is in charge of providing support and coverage to research groups, mainly in:
    • Advising research groups and promoting public calls for research projects.
    • Supporting and collaborating in the presentation, execution and justification of research projects.
    • Supporting the transfer of knowledge and the dissemination of the research carried out by the research groups.
  • Research Chairs: The Research Service is in charge of coordinating the Nebrija Chairs, whose objective is to promote research and disseminate knowledge of specific areas, which are considered to be strategic and relevant in the context of today's society. Each Chair has a director and a coordinator, who work collaboratively with a research group. The different chairs respond as a whole to the university's commitment to generating, promoting and disseminating new knowledge, to promoting the transfer of research results, enhancing university-business collaboration and supporting academic excellence.
  • Library: The Library Service constitutes a fundamental support for research through documentary, bibliographic and training services, through which it provides the researcher with the precise tools to access the source documents that support all research, measure the effects and repercussions of his/her results, and train him/her in the corresponding skills and in the ordered procedures of the research cycle through which he/she is obliged to spend his/her scientific career.

Structure of the Vice-Rector's Office for Research

Álvaro BustinduyDr. Álvaro Bustinduy Candelas
Vice rector

Juan Arturo RubioDr. Juan Arturo Rubio Arostegui
Doctoral School

María Jesús PiozDña. Mª Jesús Pioz Soriano
Research Results Transfer Office (OTRI)

María VaílloDra. María Vaíllo
Research Service

Olga ÁlvarezDña. Olga Álvarez

Contact information

Vice Rector for Research

Nebrija University
Campus de La Berzosa
Calle del Hostal, s/n
28240 Madrid

Secretary of the Vice Rector

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Research Portal

The Research Portal serves as the primary showcase for the work of our researchers at Nebrija University. Its main objective is to highlight, communicate, and display the university's scientific and research contributions. The portal provides valuable insights into the university's research findings, serving both as a resource for our researchers and as a public reflection of our scientific endeavors.

Access to the Research Portal


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