Nebrija University

We are a university institution that promotes for our students,
a personalized education with academic rigor and professional career plans.

A private University in Madrid, pioneer in educational innovation, which has launched Undergraduate Degrees in strategic areas of our country. In addition, we were also the first to incorporate, from the first year and in all Undergraduate curricula, practical experience in professional and international environments, promoting the necessary skills and competences to facilitate integration into the labor market.

At Nebrija University we have a strong commitment to drive our students' employability, by designing interdisciplinary, international and academically demanding curricula. For the University, these factors are fundamental in order to achieve professional success.

Our students can build and design their own knowledge thanks to a multidisciplinary education and the choice of different training options such as specialization diplomas, languages, international stays and Final Research Projects. Thus, they can quickly adapt and reinvent themselves in their future professions.

Nebrija students are the real protagonists of a unique and absolutely different academic and professional project. For all this, we are the 2nd Spanish University in Teaching according to U-Ranking, of the BBVA Foundation and IVIE.

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