Course on Nursing Care for Persons with Drug Addiction

Discerning nursing care for persons with drug addiction
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Course on Nursing Care for Persons with Drug Addiction

In Nursing, it is essential to recognize in the person with drug addiction the manifestations of active use of any substance in order to work on the addiction itself

Nursing must recognize in what state the patient is in regarding the preparation and acceptance of their drug problem (insight) and assess in any case if they are willing to make the change; not forgetting that there is a percentage of patients who do not want to stop using drugs, and want to actively maintain their consumption.

In any case, we must recognize, be able to approach and actively accompany the user of these substances.

The comprehensive approach, the recognition of substances, their effects in the physical and psychological areas, as well as accompaniment is basic in any case in this field, with the referral to the corresponding medical assistance unit.

Ability to comprehensively approach the drug dependent patient


Nursing Care for Persons with Drug Addiction

  • 1. General concepts about drug addiction.
  • 2. Classification of drug addiction.
  • 3. Treatment.
  • 4. Disorders related to psychoactive substances.
  • 5. Detox programs.
  • 6. Attention to persons with drug addiction.


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