School of Life and Nature Sciences

“Today, scientific knowledge is the pillar that sustains the growth of our society”
Sara Uceda Decana de la Facultad
School of Life and Nature Sciences FSchool of Life and Nature Sciences

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Our hallmarks are service and the generation of knowledge

The School of Life Sciences trains professionals that are in high demand in their sector due to their knowledge, values and ability for sacrifice.

The curricula include the most up-to-date subjects connected to the reality of scientific advancement of the moment, and offer extensive training to the student in order to develop a qualified, recognized and in-demand professional profile.

In addition to encouraging the vocation of service, an essential characteristic of health degrees and the sports sector, we also foster a critical spirit. In this sense, the School of Life Sciences has the mission of encouraging scientific thought and promoting the research career of its members.

Updated teaching methodologies for transferring knowledge

We provide our students with the most advanced tools available in teaching health degrees. We have professors with extensive experience in their area of knowledge supported by a Medical Education Unit, which aims to improve teaching in order to provide education of the highest quality to our health professionals at all stages of their educational continuum.

Knowledge discovery and transfer

The School of Life Sciences has as its main objective the transfer of knowledge, following a pedagogical model centered on the student. Scientific knowledge, based on evidence, characterizes the disciplines that make up our School. The rigorous transfer of this knowledge, but also the closeness that characterizes Nebrija, are our hallmark.

Professionalism and vocation of service

We train people who are committed to society and who contribute through their profession in order to improve others’ quality of life. General practitioners with sufficient scientific, technical and human preparation, capable of adequately addressing the tasks and actions of promoting, maintaining, preventing, protecting and recovering in one’s health. In addition, they are experts with the ability to adapt to the scientific and technological advances of today's world, with a desire to stay up-to-date within the framework of continuous education throughout life.

Sara Uceda Sara Uceda Dean of the School of Life and Nature Sciences


Sara Uceda

Sara Uceda Gutiérrez

Decana Dean

Decana de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Vida y de la Naturaleza

Dean of the Faculty of Life and Nature Sciences

Departamento de Psicología Psychology Department
Sara Uceda

Sara Uceda Gutiérrez

Directora del Departamento de Psicología Director of the Department of Psychology
Ana Isabel Beltrán Velasco

Ana Isabel Beltrán Velasco

Directora del Grado en Psicología Director of the Degree in Psychology
Mercedes Lorena Pedrajas López

Mercedes Lorena Pedrajas López

Coordinadora del Máster Universitario en Psicopedagogía Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Psychopedagogy
Departamento de Ciencias de la Salud Health Sciences Department

Ana Pérez Curiel

Directora del Grado en Ciencias de la Actividad Física y del Deporte Director of Bachelor's Degree in Science of Physical Activity and Sports
Coordinadores de Facultad Faculty Coordinators
Mercedes Lorena Pedrajas López

Mercedes Lorena Pedrajas López

Coordinadora de Calidad Quality coordinator
Víctor Echeverry Alzate

Víctor Echeverry Alzate

Coordinador de Movilidad Internacional International Mobility Coordinator
Investigador Principal Principal investigator
Natalia Arias del Castillo

Natalia Arias del Castillo

Responsable IP Laboratorio de Psicobiología grupo BRABE Head of PI Laboratory of Psychobiology BRAVE group




The teaching staff of the School of Life Sciences is made up of full-time professors and part-time associate professors.

The profile of full-time professors corresponds essentially to Accredited Doctors, with dedication to research and university teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in their area of specialization. On the other hand, associate professors, closely linked to the exercise of their professional activity, offer students the most direct contact with the professional reality that they will find once they complete their studies.

Lastly, specialist professors in the field of communication and management skills, who teach seminars and professional competences subjects. The University makes a determined commitment to offering its students all the professional and personal development tools that will be required of the professionals of the future.


The School dedicates part of its effort to research tasks, as a fundamental complement to teaching. The main lines that are developed are based on the study of human behavior, with the intention of explaining behavior with the scientific rigor of the various disciplines that make up our School. Specifically, sports behavior and performance are analyzed based on mathematical and statistical analysis, and our specialization is very powerful in the psychometric analysis of human behavior, in addition to evaluating the effectiveness of a psychologist's clinical practice.

Likewise, the neurobiological bases of behavior are studied and for this, different behavior analysis techniques are applied in different animal models, which exemplify current disorders and alterations in the human clinic.

Research Groups

The School devotes part of its effort to research tasks, as a fundamental complement to teaching. These tasks are structured around the existing Research Groups, which are part of the official register of the University, and which materialize in research projects with companies and public institutions of the sector.

Consult here the lines of activity and research groups


The School’s professors usually publish publications related to their research as an essential part of their activity at the University.

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