Refresher Course on Pediatrics for Primary Care and Emergency Physicians

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Refresher Course on Pediatria para médicos de atención primaria y urgencias

What you should know about Pediatrics in Primary and Emergency Care

Practicing medicine, in this case of Pediatrics, in the field of Primary and Emergency Care, requires continuous training and education on the part of the professional in order to provide the best care efficiently and based on scientific evidence.

Currently, we all know of the important healthcare pressure in the emergency and primary care services due to the growing demand of families to consult and resolve diseases of various kinds almost immediately.

Pediatric teams made up of pediatricians, whose scarcity at the national level, especially in the area of primary care, is worrying and well known, has been a current problem for years that requires evaluation by institutions and political entities for the welfare of children and adolescents and their families.


Pediatrics for Primary Care and Emergency Physicians

  • 1. Pediatric Assessment Triangle.
  • 2. Update in Pediatric Emergencies.
  • 3. Clinical cases that cannot be missed.
  • 4. Practical Dermatology. Teleconsultation on the rise.
  • 5. Fundamental treatments in Pediatrics.
  • 6. Nutrition and Physical Activity. Healthy lifestyle.
  • 7. Empowering in Self-care of Health.
  • 8. What NOT to do.
  • 9. Useful digital tools.
  • 10. Resolution of clinical case.


Lucia Linares Silveria Lucia Linares Silveria Professor

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