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Universidad Nebrija, universidad privada en Madrid, España
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The UniversityAwards / Rankings

The commitment of Nebrija University to academic excellence, training in leading companies, innovation in multidisciplinary programs and international education, place Nebrija University in the top positions of the most important university rankings.

Nebrija University is a safe choice and the data confirms it.

The rankings recognize Nebrija University to be at a high university performance, a consequence of our differentiating elements:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Employability
  • International Orientation

Fundación Madri+d

Global TOP 100 Best Masters in the field of Entrepreneurship

Global TOP 100 Best Masters in the field of Entrepreneurship

El MBA + Experto en Creación de Empresas de la Universidad Nebrija se ha clasificado en el Top 100 Mundial del Ranking Best Masters in the world, realizado por Eduniversal, en la categoría de Emprendimiento, siendo esta su primera participación en esta clasificación. Este ranking se hace tras una selección oficial de las mejores 1.000 escuelas de negocios del mundo, donde ha sido incluida Nebrija Business School.

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Fundación Madri+d

Ministry of Education
of the People's Republic of China

  • Recognizes Nebrija
    as a destination University for Chinese students.

Recognition of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China

The Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China recognizes Nebrija University as one of the recommended universities for Chinese students to study abroad.

Nebrija University becomes part of the exclusive list of private universities in Spain (Deusto, CEU San Pablo, Pontificia de Comillas and Ramón Llull) with this recognition.


Fundación Madri+d

Madri+d Foundation
Approve the DOCENTIA - NEBRIJA model

  • Favorable certification
    of the faculty’s teaching activity

Madri+d FoundationDOCENTIA – NEBRIJA Model

Nebrija University receives the favorable certification of the DOCENTIA - NEBRIJA model from the Madri+d Foundation. This procedure is used for the evaluation of the faculty’s teaching activity.

The certification report highlights the favorable attitude of Nebrija University in implementing improvements and suggestions that have been proposed by the various evaluation committees and those made by the university community itself, highlighting the incorporation of students in the decision-making process.

The certification of the DOCENTIA - NEBRIJA model affects the set of teaching activities of the faculty, highlighting the effort, sustained over time, to define, apply and improve this process.

  • Teaching:
    1st Spanish university.
  • Student success rate: :
    Maximum score.
  • Percentage of students in exchange programs: :
    Maximum score.

U-Ranking 2018 of the BBVA Foundation and the Economic Research Institute (IVIE)

At Nebrija University we have professionals from different areas of knowledge that promote an innovative teaching methodology, a dynamic and participative education, with top-level facilities adapted for full professional development in a Campus where over 30 nationalities connect.

Our academic exigency and a small number of students per class guarantee maximum student performance and personalized follow-up in order to achieve academic, professional goals as well as professional development.

This ranking analyzes the teaching, research and innovation activities and technological development of Spanish universities, covering over 90% of the university system in our country.


QS Ranking

Five stars
(High score).

  • Teaching
  • Internatio­nalization
  • Online / distance learning
  • Employa­bility
  • Inclu­siveness

QS Stars International RankingQS World University Rankings 2019

Nebrija University has obtained five stars, the highest score, in Teaching, Internationalization and Online Teaching in the International Ranking QS Stars, a British organization leader in education rankings.

This system of foreign accreditation has qualified as excellent the teaching at Nebrija University, highlighting the satisfaction of students and placing the institution at the same level as universities such as Cambridge and Oxford.

The work in Internationalization stands out, receiving the best score for the presence of international students in their campuses and mobility programs. It is the same score as achieved in Online Education, for the personalization in teaching, the closeness of professors-students and the new technological applications in this educational field.

The results in Employability are also very positive in this ranking, highlighting the orientation service offered by the Department of Professional Careers.


QS Ranking
QS Ranking
QS Ranking
QS Ranking
QS Ranking
QS Ranking

  • Among the 21st:
    Best MBA programs in Europe.
  • Among the 6th :
    Best MBA programs in Spain.

Global Ranking CEO Magazine MBA Program of Nebrija Business School

This magazine has been carrying out this ranking since 2008, which includes all the MBA programs, the Executive MBA programs and the online MBA programs. For this edition, 290 programs from 160 participating institutions from around the world were analyzed, 20% more than the previous year. The objective of this publication is to provide potential students a market study to serve as reference, by analyzing in depth variables such as the quality of the faculty, international diversity, the ratio of students, the price, international exposure, methods of teaching, gender parity, work experience and professional development, among others.

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  • Transparency:
    3nd private University in Spain.
    1st private University in Madrid.

University Transparency Ranking 2017 of the Commitment and Transparency Foundation

Based on the information available on the websites of Spanish universities, both public and private, the Commitment and Transparency Foundation produces an annual report that measures the commitment to dialogue that universities have with their stakeholders to respond to their information expectations.

Nebrija University ranks second among private universities this year, fulfilling 22 of the 27 indicators in the report, including indicators of financial statements and audit report, which are essential to belong to the most transparent group of universities. Nebrija University has improved its position since last year, when it achieved 19 indicators.

Among the aspects that the Foundation has examined are: mission, strategic plan, personnel, government, demand and academic program, faculty, students, economic information and results.


  • Master’s degree in
    Integrated Advertising Management
  • Master’s degree in
    Art Market and Management of Related Companies

Ranking of 250 Master’s Degree Programs by El MundoTwo degrees from Nebrija University stand out in the classification

Every year, the journal El Mundo draws up a postgraduate degree reference guide in which 750 experts, professors, students, graduates of the degrees and collaborating companies take part.


  • Performance and excellence: 6th private university in Spain.
    2nd private university in Madrid.
  • International orientation:
    Maximum score.
  • Research and Knowledge Transfer:
    Maximum score.
  • Links to companies:
    Maximum score.

CYD Ranking from the Fundación de Conocimiento y Desarrollo (Knowledge and Development Foundation)

According to this study, Nebrija University obtains the maximum score in eleven of these indicators, among which stand out international orientation and those related to research and knowledge transfer.

This is because thanks to the new international Madrid Princesa campus, the student coexists with students from over 30 nationalities. It also allows all students to acquire an international experience and a global vision, as they are able to study abroad at one of the universities with which Nebrija University has an agreement.

The CyD Ranking is a classification of reference due to the rigor of its methodology. It values the performance of university activities: teaching and learning, research, international orientation, knowledge transfer and general contribution. It is developed in parallel with the U-Multirank, the list of the best campuses promoted by the European Commission.