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Universidad Nebrija, universidad privada en Madrid, España
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The University Departments of Administration and Services

The Departments of Administration and Services are the units responsible for contributing to the development of Nebrija University, coordinating the completion of a series of internal and external services essential for the daily functioning of the University.

Here is a brief description of the main actions of the different departments of services, as well as the people responsible for each of these departments.

Planning and Transfer

It is the department in charge of strategic marketing, external communication, promotion and external positioning of Nebrija University in our country.

Additionally, this department coordinates external activities and is responsible for coordinating the institutional relations of the University as a whole.

The creation of this space is determined by the new global focus of our activity and will be the face of our organization to the outside, because it will depend on the areas of Marketing; the Technical Quality Unit, including the management of rankings, which are more relevant every day; Communication; and Professional Careers and Employability.


Juan Antonio Escarabajal Sánchez

Composition of the Department of Planning and Transfer


Composition of the Department of Management

Universitary Development

Composition of the Department of Universitary Development