Master's Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language Nebrija-Difusión

With a personalized learning itinerary
Master's Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language

Master's Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign LanguageNebrija-Difusión

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Summary table

Student profile:Graduates in any area of knowledge, native and non-native, with a B2 level of Spanish.

Graduate profile:Teachers of Spanish as a foreign language with a solid knowledge of the language (C1), culture and teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language.

Official Degree:Master's Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language

Center responsible:School of Languages and Education

Branch of knowledge: Arts and Humanities

Openings available: Classroom attendance: 70
Online: 105

Total Credits:60 credits.
. Minimum 12 ECTS credits and Maximum 60 ECTS credits per enrollment and academic year.

Academic year in which it was implemented: 2016

Duration: 1 year

Quality of the degree

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Spanish is one of the most demanded languages in educational programs around the world

The official Master's Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language of Nebrija University is oriented to the practice of teaching in any current teaching-learning context, supported by Nebrija University ‘s 20+ years of experience in the training of professors of Spanish as a foreign language, both in person and online.

The master's degree responds to the growing demand for training that can be observed, for natives and non-natives who want to improve their linguistic, cultural and teaching skills, as well as graduates of degrees from other disciplines, who wish to develop professionally as SFL professors and do not have prior knowledge of the language and its didactics.


Difusión has a trajectory of more than 30 years dedicated to research and innovation in Spanish teaching. Its catalog includes some of the most used Spanish manuals worldwide. Since its foundation, it has always dedicated great efforts to teacher training and thousands of teachers participate every year in their online and classroom attendance training. Currently, its products are distributed in 107 countries and has a team of more than 60 employees and more than 200 employees.

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The high employability indexes of our graduates as SFL professors in institutions of reference in the area of Spanish teaching proves the quality of the educational program.

This program offers the latest content and a broad repertoire of elective subjects to design the learning itinerary according to the student's educational needs and professional interests. Content and competences that respond to the new needs of the SFL teacher:

  • Professional performance in specific contexts of learning Spanish.
  • Management of virtual teaching.
  • Current methodological trends for the teaching of linguistic subcompetences.
  • The program enriches classroom teaching with everything that new technologies offer and includes asynchronous communication tools that favor collaborative learning.

The training is complemented by research seminars, expert conferences, monographic seminars and practical application workshops.

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The latest contents and a broad range of elective subjects

Personalized training

The student chooses his/her learning itinerary among a broad range of elective subjects, which can be connected to his/her internship.

In the center of Madrid

The program is taught in the new facilities at the Madrid – Princesa Campus, in the center of Madrid.

International Networking

Studying with students from over 30 nationalities allows to establish a network of contacts with professionals from any part of the world.


BOE No. 22, of January 26, 2017
All our degrees and curricula have been prepared in accordance with the new guidelines set by current legislation, having already been verified by the National Agency for Quality Assessment.
The student must take 60 credits

First Semester 29 ECTS

  • 3 ECTS | Uses and functions of Spanish
  • 4 ECTS | SFL learning processes and strategies
  • 3 ECTS | Methodological approaches to teaching SFL
  • 4 ECTS | Designing communicative language activities
  • 4 ECTS | SFL course and class planning
  • 3 ECTS | Teaching skills and SFL classroom management
  • Electives *
    • 4 ECTS | Oral and written communication strategies in Spanish
    • 4 ECTS | Teaching lexical competence
    • 4 ECTS | Pronunciation, intonation and spelling in SFL
    • 4 ECTS | SFL teaching for specific purposes
    • 4 ECTS | Teaching SFL to children and adolescents
    • 4 ECTS | Analysis and creation of SFL teaching materials
    • * Choose four electives in the total, freely distributed between the two semesters.

Second Semester 31 ECTS

  • 4 ECTS | Teaching grammatical competence
  • 4 ECTS | Pragmatics and intercultural competence
  • 3 ECTS | Virtual learning environments and digital resources
  • 6 ECTS | Practicum in specific professional settings
  • Electives *
    • 4 ECTS | Cultural references and sociocultural behaviors of the Spanish-speaking world
    • 4 ECTS | Correcting, assessing and self-assessing in SFL
    • 4 ECTS | Teaching SFL to Chinese speakers
    • 4 ECTS | Teaching SFL to speakers of neighboring languages
    • 4 ECTS | CLIL methodology in the teaching of SFL
    • 4 ECTS | Culture in the classroom: literature, cinema, music and media
    • * Choose four electives in the total, freely distributed between the two semesters.
  • 6 ECTS | Final Research Project


  • Compulsory (32 ECTS)
  • Elective (16 ECTS)
  • Internships (6 ECTS)
  • End of Degree Project (6 ECTS)

More Academic Information


Career Opportunities

This programme offers the student the possibility of designing his or her own learning itinerary according to their training needs and professional interests, always with personalised academic guidance. Its powerfully practical nature, the experience and prestige of the teaching staff, the internship agreements with SFL teaching centres from all over the world, and university extension activities, which are benchmarks in the field of SFL, favour the international employability of our graduates.


National and international student agreements

The department responsible for the internationalization of Nebrija University is the International Mobility Office, which is the main point of information and support for international students who come to study at our university, and where they can go to ask any questions regarding the university or life in Spain. In addition, the International Mobility Office organizes cultural and leisure activities, language exchanges, and other activities for students to make their stay as pleasant and fruitful as possible.

International students of the Master's Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language will receive academic guidance from the Student Coordination department and the Program Director, in collaboration with the International Coordination department of the School of Languages and Education. In addition, they will be allowed to take subjects from their areas of study, as well as subjects from the Center for Hispanic Studies (Spanish language and culture classes), as complementary courses, so that they may improve their level of Spanish while they carry out their master's studies.

The students of this program will be able to enjoy the Erasmus exchange agreements for the postgraduate programs of the School of Languages and Education with several European universities (University of Umea in Sweden; University of Roehampton in the United Kingdom; University of Leuven in Belgium; among others), within the European Socrates-Erasmus Program, and with Marshall University (USA).

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