Unidad Técnica de Calidad de la Universidad Nebrija
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Technical Unit for QualityInternal Quality Assurance System

The Internal Quality Assurance System is the set of documented processes necessary to manage and control the proper development of the daily activity of Antonio de Nebrija University. Through the IQAS, the needs are analyzed, the processes are defined and a follow-up is maintained, all while ensuring continuous improvement.

This makes the Internal Quality Assurance System a living document, which must be revised and adapted as the organization or its activities change.

It is a unique system that encompasses all the centers and schools of which it is composed, as well as their corresponding processes. It was prepared by the Technical Unit for Quality (TUQ), under the University Rectorate, with the collaboration of all departments, both academic and administrative, from which it is structured. For this, TUQ has taken into consideration the guidelines promoted by ANECA through the AUDIT Program, which aims to guide Universities in the design of Quality Internal Assurance Systems.

The IQAS improves the functioning of the University