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Technical Unit for QualityTechnical Unit for Quality

Mission of the Technical Unit for Quality

Nebrija University's Technical Unit of Quality has as its main function to facilitate the processes that aim to improve the quality of our university in all the areas of its activity, detecting strengths and weaknesses in our degrees and services and help to establish proposals of improvement that guide them in the face of excellence.

In addition, this unit informs users about the quality of the university institution, promoting and encouraging the creation of a quality culture in the community, contributing to the adequate accountability of the institution and the committed development of Nebrija University.

Within the Functions and Competencies are:

  • Coordinate the processes of implementation, monitoring and certification of the Internal Quality Assurance System at the University.
  • Collaborate in the preparation of reports for the verification of new degrees and the modification of existing ones, and manage the submission of these to the competent body for verification.
  • Manage the evaluation and accreditation processes of official education programs.
  • Coordinate the management of teaching activity evaluation.
  • Provide information to government bodies and Quality Assurance Commissions for decision making, which includes the development and design of quality indicators.
  • Propose and develop training activities that promote quality culture within the university community.

Vision of the Technical Unit for Quality

To be an example for the University Community, becoming an excellent Unit for Quality in the area of implementation of the Internal Quality Assurance System, through the enthusiasm of all employees, teamwork and direct contact with members of the institution, optimizing processes, meeting the needs of technical support and disseminating a quality culture with the ultimate goal of providing the best service to the institution and all those who are part of it.

Values of the Technical Unit for Quality

Compromiso con la calidad: la búsqueda de la excelencia es el camino que debe seguir nuestras actuaciones, con el fin de mejorar y garantizar la calidad de las actividades de la Universidad.

Commitment to quality: the pursuit of excellence is the path that our actions must follow, in order to improve and ensure the quality of the University's activities.

Ethics: we work with honesty and transparency. From the Unit for Quality, the necessary information is made available to the interest groups.

Teamwork: Everyone contributes. We support each other. We trust each other; when we need help, we ask for it.

Professionalism: we understand that our own efficiency has a positive impact, that's why we try to do the work with rigor and quality, taking advantage of all our resources and making continuous improvements in all our actions.

Technical competence and innovation: in the Technical Unit for Quality we must be in a position to give a quick, accurate and concrete response to the questions that our users raise, as well as to apply the models proposed by the regional or state administrative bodies.

Attitude of lifelong learning: we contribute, from personal experience, to the professional development of colleagues and collaborators, from whom we also learn, seeking the detection of training needs and the consequent elaboration, teaching and evaluation of the programs.

Orientation towards the interest groups: the commitment to excellence and continuous improvement means that we value and try to achieve the maximum satisfaction of the entire university community (students, professors, administration and services staff, Government Bodies).

Respect: dealing with people and among people is our daily life, which leads us to the maximum respect for human values. Thus, kindness, equal treatment, trust, dialogue and camaraderie are the focus of our actions, both with the Unit's users and collaborators and within it.

Legality and legal security: all our actions comply with current regulations.


Technical Unit for Quality Director

Elena Ramón Gamella

We are available to those interested to attend any suggestion, doubt, comment or request for information, at the following address:

Technical Unit for Quality

Nebrija University
Telephone:914521100 Ext 2759-2756
Email: utc@nebrija.es Office 419