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Unidad Técnica de CalidadImprovement actions

The establishment of an INTERNAL QUALITY ASSURANCE SYSTEM (IQAS) at the Antonio de Nebrija University comes about in order to enhance the quality and continuous improvement of quality in all areas of the organization, in training programs and in the services offered.

The Internal Quality Assurance System allows:

  • The guarantee of quality of all the degrees that are taught, undergraduate degrees, master's degrees and doctorates, reviewing and improving their curriculums whenever it is considered necessary
  • That the process of designing and improving the training processes is based on the knowledge of the needs and expectations of its stakeholders, which will be kept promptly informed.
  • That the analysis and improvement of educational processes be carried out continuously and updated, for which the Internal Quality Assurance System should be a tool in continuous transformation and always updating.
  • This attitude allows the Antonio de Nebrija University, therefore, the constant review of its behavior and the continuous proposal of improvement actions.

These improvement actions start from the Quality Assurance Commissions or from the units that manage the different services of the University and are shared through the Technical Unit for Quality.