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Technical Unit for QualityHow incidents, suggestions and claims are processed

Incidents and suggestions

The students' requests will be attended and managed by the Personalized Service Center; On the other hand, the requests from the Teaching and Research Staff as well as that of Administration and Services Personnel will be attended and managed by the Technical Unit for Quality.

The applications received will be sent to the interested persons or departments.

The incidents can be solved in the scope of the Department or Center, or by the service that is involved.

If the applicant does not agree with the solution provided, they can fill out the Claims Form, and their request will be handled as such.


After submitting his/her claim, the applicant will receive an email with the assignment of a registration number and confirmation of receipt of his/her request, with information regarding its admission or rejection. If a request is rejected, the reasons for the action will be explained to the applicant.

Once the claim is admitted, the body involved will proceed to study it, providing a response as soon as possible.

The applicant will be informed of the status of his/her request and will receive the answer to his/her claim by means of a message in his/her email, in which the reason for decision taken will be explained.

If the applicant is not satisfied with the solution provided, he/she will have a period of 7 working days to claim disagreement. To do this, send an email to the University Ombudsman: defensor@nebrija.es, with the claim, the solution with which/she he is dissatisfied and the description of possible solutions to the problem.

The University Ombudsman will analyze the information and will contact the applicant to clarify the issue together and arrive at a definitive solution.

The University will periodically analyze and report all the complaints received, in order to plan and carry out corrective and preventive actions that allow continuous improvement.

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