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Technical Unit for QualityQuality Objectives

IQASPM-P0.1-Annex1: Quality Policy of the Antonio de Nebrija University.
Text approved by the Rectorate, to be adapted by each Center according to the proposals of the Quality Assurance Commissions.

The Antonio de Nebrija University has as its fundamental mission to provide undergraduate and postgraduate education aimed at excellence and internationalization, guaranteeing an academic offer that facilitates the employability of its graduates and that it is in accordance with the needs and expectations of our users and society in general.

The Antonio de Nebrija University is aware of the importance of the quality of all its teaching, research and management activities as a strategic factor to ensure that the competences, abilities and skills of its graduates correspond to the objectives of the various educational programs taught at the University and that, consequently, are recognized by society in general.

Taking as reference the criteria and guidelines of ENQA for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area, the Rector’s Office directs the efforts towards the achievement of fulfilling the reasonable needs and expectations of its academic staff and of the entire university community. To do this, it undertakes to use all the technical, economic and human resources at its disposal to achieve this end, always within the strict compliance with the applicable legal requirements, at the regional, state and European levels.

For this reason, the Rector's Office of the Antonio de Nebrija University establishes the following general guidelines for the attainment of quality objectives and that constitute its Quality Policy.:

  • Pursue the achievement of the objectives described in the curricula of the degrees taught at the University, maintaining quality requirements in the results that meet the expectations of students and society as a whole.
  • Facilitate access to adequate continuous training for all our professors and administration and services personnel, according to their respective activities, and to provide the necessary knowledge and means so that they can develop their teaching, research and management activities in such a way that they achieve the satisfaction of our students throughout their formative process.
  • Establish an action system, and document it, to guarantee the quality of all our processes.
  • Take on a permanent commitment to continuous improvement and propose, and carry out, the preventive and corrective actions that may be necessary.
  • Promote the understanding and acceptance at this Quality Policy by all University staff and make it available to interest groups.
  • Ensure that the Internal Quality Assurance System of the Antonio de Nebrija University remains effective and that it is checked and reviewed periodically.