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The Library Service of Nebrija University is an autonomous functional unit, structured into several branches or centers.

In accordance with its main function, it constitutes the essential support for teaching and research, facilitating access to scientific information that the university community needs, formed by students, teaching staff (professors) and non-teaching staff (of administration and services).

Fulfilling this task involves the management of information and the acquisition, conservation and treatment of a bibliographic fund linked mainly to the basic subjects and related to the Schools, Centers, Institutes, Residences and areas that make up the University.

The OPAC-Catalogue, which acts as a Web Portal, collects the bibliographic and information resources processed by the automated management system of the Library Service, offers timely and up-to-date information on all the services of the University's Library Network, and allows -only identified users- self-management of the user account and the request for exclusive services for members of the university community.

The Nebrija Repository, on the other hand, is the catalogue that gathers Nebrija University's open-access scientific and academic production. It has the characteristics and basic services of a research repository, acts as a catalyst in the projection and reflection of the visibility of that scientific activity, and its vocation is to be collected by other repositories and collectors. It allows public access for the consultation, and private access that provides additional services for identified users.

OPAC Catalogue ~ WEB Portal

All the information of the Libraries Network

Public access
(only consultation of bibliographic materials and services of our Libraries)

Nebrija University Library

San Rafael-Nebrija Library

ID Access
(specific services: reservations, renewals, loan requests, etc.)

Students Staff

Research Portal

All the information and research data at the University

Open and identified access

(identified access for researchers only)

Nebrija Repository

All scientific and academic production

Open access
(only consultation of open-access scientific and academic materials)

Public access

ID Access
(specific services: personalization, upload of documents, etc.)

Students Staff
Madrid-Arturo Soria Campus Library
Madrid-Princesa Campus Library

Tel.: 914521100
Extension: 7251, 7252
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Life Sciences Campus Library

Tel.: 91 452 11 01
Extension: 1251, 1252, 1253
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San Rafael-Nebrija Library

Tel.: 91 564 18 68 (Centralita)
Extension: 212, 213
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