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ServicesDepartment of Professional Careers

The Department of Professional Careers carries out important work in the guidance, counseling, professional intermediation and approach to employment and the professional reality of students and former students of Nebrija University.

The main programs carried out by Professional Careers with students are:

  • First-year students:
    • "Professional Development Plan" Program
    • "Academic Visits to Companies and Institutions" Program: 22 visits throughout the academic year
  • Second-year students:
    • "Professional for a Day" Program: 44 selected students spend a whole day at the company
  • Third and fourth-year students:
    • Curricular and Extracurricular Internship Program, in Spain and abroad: over 3,000 students benefit from this service throughout the year
  • Alumni:
    • Employability Service

Through continuous contact with the student, which starts in his/her first year at the University and continues during his/her studies and once these are completed, the objective and professional project is defined jointly based on the profile and interests of the student, supporting and accompanying him/her in the process of joining a company or institution.

  • Guidance and Professional Advice: preparation of CV, presentation letter or email, training on selection processes (interviews, dynamics, etc.), and other aspects related to employability and search and selection processes.
  • Definition, together with the student, of the objective and professional interests.
  • Labor intermediation: search of opportunities for the student, pre-selection and sending of candidates to companies, relations with companies and institutions and recruitment and creation of loyalty of companies for the realization of student internships.
  • Organization of University-Company Meetings, of different Employment Forums and presentations of companies and managerial training talks.
  • Administrative Management of Internships in Companies: contact with HR technicians and formalization of Educational Cooperation Agreements.

With all this, we intend to bring university students closer to the business reality, to know the main organizations of our country, their identity, their mission, their values and main projects, and thus begin to forge their own ideas through the experience obtained from the business world during his/her university studies.

On the other hand, companies and institutions, through the Department of Professional Careers of Nebrija University, have the possibility to participate in our University Company approach programs, whose goal is to strengthen ties of collaboration with large organizations, not only in the field of internships formative for our students, but also, with a view to training them to be prepared and competent professionals in order to join a labor market full of challenges, and in turn bring them to what is most demanded in professionals today.


D. Antonio Pérez Castro