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Gabinete de Orientación Psicopedagógica
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Personalized Service Center (CAP)

The Psychopedagogical Orientation Office of Nebrija University offers the opportunity to students who would like an integral and individualized counseling that favors an optimum academic performance and a complete personal and professional development.

Our goal is to help you improve your techniques of intellectual work, motivation, time management, task planning and training in university study methodologies in order to improve academic performance.

We offer vocational advice, we guide you in the doubts about the choice of learning itinerary and work preference. Curricular planning based on your aptitudes.

We provide you with the necessary resources so that you can control any emotional imbalance, anxiety and stress, overcome relationship problems, improve self-esteem, in short, to make you feel good.

We help you develop your Positive Thinking and increase your self-confidence, which will make it easier for you to overcome life conflicts and make decisions. We offer you the possibility of organizing group meetings, to promote teamwork, integration and conflict resolution. Mediations.

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