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ServicesPsychopedagogical Orientation Office

Nebrija University´s Psychopedagogical Orientation Office offers the opportunity to students interested in having individual counselling to advantage an optimal academic performance with a complete personal and professional development. Our main objectives are:

  • Help you improving your technics on intellectual tasks, motivation, time organization, task planning and study methodologies to improve your academic performance.
  • Offer you vocational assessment. We guide you in doubts about your career choice and work preference. Curriculum planning based on your skills.
  • Provide you with the necessary sources to control any emotional imbalance, anxiety and stress, overcome relationship problems, and improve self-esteem… Definitely, to make you feel good.
  • Help you developing positive thinking and increase self-confidence, which will facilitate overcoming life conflicts and decision taking.

In addition, we organize the University´s Tutorial Action Plan, which aims to enrich Tutorial Action and be the vehicle of any initiative that may be interesting for the University, unifying ideas and upgrade the Nebrija student´s learning quality.

Finally, we coordinate the Buddy Club, where we train and energize a Mentoring team in order to be a support and a reference figure for international students who visit our university to have an abroad experience, so that they adapt effectively and enjoy their stay.

How to contact us:


Through the tutor



+34 91 452 11 01 (ext: 4216)
Madrid-Princesa Campus
Life Sciences Campus