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The International Mobility Office (IMO) allows the student to enjoy the experience of a period of mobility in a country and environment different from their own, with their corresponding academic recognition. It is a fundamental part in the internationalization of the university. We offer and manage the mobility of our undergraduate students as well as receive international students every semester. To do this, we structure ourselves into 3 areas: Outgoing, Incoming and Erasmus.

The IMO is also responsible for coordinating inter-institutional relations with international universities with which there is a mobility agreement and manages international academic cooperation programs.

In turn, we manage scholarships from public and private organizations for both students and staff (PDI / PAS).

Who are we?

Ana Keller

Ana Keller

Responsable Oficina de Movilidad Internacional Head of the International Mobility Office akellepi@nebrija.es
Paola Vázquez Gutiérrez

Paola Vázquez Gutiérrez

Coordinadora de Movilidad Internacional Outbound Outbound International Mobility Coordinator pvazqueg@nebrija.es
Mª Isabel Ocaña Nuñez

Iván Wong

Coordinador de Movilidad Internacional Inbound Inbound International Mobility Coordinator iwong@nebrija.es
Alexandra Marques Santos

Alexandra Marques Santos

Coordinadora Erasmus Erasmus Coordinator amarques@nebrija.es